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Trivia Search Answers for All Levels

Trivia Search is a fun mobile game, and it’s part of a number of Android and iOS word games we’ve been covering over the past few days. The game is created by Big Belly Productions, and according to the company, this title is definitely different from all the other word puzzles, trivia apps, and brain exercise apps out in the market. Just as they often do, the levels start out easy, but get progressively more challenging as the questions get harder and the puzzle board grows larger. Yes, it’s going to be hard for you at some point, but if it’s a word-based brain teaser you want, then you probably should be checking out Trivia Search.

Now, if some of the boards are too hard for you to figure out, then we recommend that you check out this list of Trivia Search answers and solutions. If you need help for all the levels of the game, then this is your lucky day, as all the answers are now right in front of you. But if you can help it, we suggest checking this Trivia Search guide only when in need of help, but not for all of the levels and questions.

Trivia Search Answers for All Levels

Level 1 – I Know the Answer To Your – Question
Level 2 – Complete the Order: Morning ______ Evening –Afternoon
Level 3 – Words That Are Complete Opposites Are Called –Antonyms
Level 4 – Substance To Treat Illness – Medicine
Level 5 – Drivers Must Have This – License
Level 6 – Someone Who is Preety Can Also Be Called – Beautiful
Level 7 – To Workout the Mind Or Body – Exercise
Level 8 – A Place of Learning For Children – School
Level 9 – A Place To Prepare And Cook – Kitchen
Level 10 – A Professional Driver is Known as A – Chauffeur

Level 11 – Know Your ABC’s – Alphabets
Level 12 – the Quote is “Finders ___” – Keepers
Level 13 – A Person Who Mixes And Serves Drinks At A Bar is Called A – Bartender
Level 14 – Product For Your Hair – Shampoo
Level 15 – A Way To Clean Your Carpet – Vacuum
Level 16 – To Use Something Again – Recycle
Level 17 – Carries Luggage As A Service – Bellhop
Level 18 – Complete the Name of the Dish. Eggs – Benedict
Level 19 – Born On A Particular Date – Birthday
Level 20 – Fluid For A Vehicle – Gasoline