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Guess the Emoji Answers for All Levels

Guess the Emoji is a game for Android and iOS devices that’s simple, but probably challenging if you’re only familiar with the basic kinds of emoji. It’s a game that can have you entertained and amused for hours on end, and it’s also one of those titles that you and the entire family can play. It combines word game mechanics, as you’ll play the game with a screen that shows an emoji, as well as photos that could clue you in on what it represents. The screen also has some letters filling in the words that the emoji represent, and you have the option to expose or remove letters as you see fit.

Our list of Guess the Emoji answers and solutions covers all levels of the game, so if you’re stuck somewhere, you can always refer to it in a pinch. But for maximum enjoyment, we would advise you to use this answer key only in case of emergencies!

Guess The Emoji Answers Level 1:

Level 1-1: Sunglasses
Level 1-2: Love Letter
Level 1-3: French Kiss
Level 1-4: Corn Dog
Level 1-5: Watch Dog
Level 1-6: Cornbread
Level 1-7: Coffee Break
Level 1-8: Burger King
Level 1-9: Apple TV
Level 1-10: Starfish

Guess The Emoji Answers Level 2:

Level 2-1: Shellfish
Level 2-2: Bookworm
Level 2-3: Moonwalk
Level 2-4: Fire Truck
Level 2-5: Fire Alarm
Level 2-6: No Smoking
Level 2-7: Lady Bug
Level 2-8: Toilet Paper
Level 2-9: Pizza Box
Level 2-10: Angry Birds

Guess The Emoji Answers Level 3:

Level 3-1: Rocket Fuel
Level 3-2: Spiderman
Level 3-3: Family Tree
Level 3-4: Carpool
Level 3-5: Tennis Shoes
Level 3-6: Air Mail
Level 3-7: Fortune Cookie
Level 3-8: Shrimp Cocktail
Level 3-9: Baseball Diamond
Level 3-10: Home Run

Guess The Emoji Answers Level 4:

Level 4-1: NASA
Level 4-2: Easter Egg
Level 4-3: Smoke Alarm
Level 4-4: Light House
Level 4-5: Goodbye Kiss
Level 4-6: Cry Baby
Level 4-7: Cash Cow
Level 4-8: Popcorn
Level 4-9: Facebook
Level 4-10: Starbucks