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Close Up Animals 2015 Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Mediaflex Games’ Close Up Animals 2015 is what it is – it’s your chance to guess the animal showing in the zoomed-in photo, and make that guess as fast as you can. This Android and iOS mobile title is the ultimate guessing game, and it’s part of a popular series of guessing games, the Close Up Pics series. There are over 150 animals included in this game, and as you may soon find out, some of these animals (or many of them) aren’t the usual ones you’d see in a farm or at the zoo.

If you’re having some difficulty with some of the photos, we’ve come up with a complete list of Close Up Animals 2015 answers and solutions, that you can read below.

Close Up Animals 2015 Answers Level 1

1-1: Dog
1-2: Cat
1-3: Gorilla
1-4: Rabbit
1-5: Cow
1-6: Crocodile
1-7: Zebra
1-8: Butterfly
1-9: Dolphin
1-10: Octopus

Close Up Animals 2015 Answers Level 2

2-1: Piglet
2-2: Lamb
2-3: Eagle
2-4: Tortoise
2-5: Tiger
2-6: Baboon
2-7: Great White
2-8: Peacock
2-9: Robin Redbreast
2-10: Elephant

Close Up Animals 2015 Answers Level 3

3-1: Doves
3-2: Panda
3-3: Flamingo
3-4: Lion
3-5: Giraffe
3-6: Chimpanzee
3-7: Bat
3-8: Grasshopper
3-9: Hedgehog
3-10: Pigeon