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Food Quiz Answers for All Levels

The aptly-named Guess It Apps has released a game called Food Quiz a couple of months ago, and it’s hyped up to be the ultimate food quiz game on Android. The game boasts of over 1,200 different food items (and growing), and the “largest collection of worldwide food items” on mobile. That means different foods from different regions, though as we’ve seen so far, these are mostly well-known food brands that you can find in the grocery store. Now, we are bound to discover more foods as we go through more levels in the game; the developer claims that aside from the 1,200 food items, there are also more than 70 food packs of items, all organized by region.

Your goal in this game is to guess as many foods as possible, or beat your friends in doing the same. But what if you need to edge out your friends, or what if you’re simply stuck somewhere and unable to guess the food type that’s on your phone or tablet’s screen? Have no fear, as we’ve solved the first ten levels of the game, and we’ve now got a complete list of Food Quiz answers and solutions covering the first ten levels.

Food Quiz Level 1 Answers:

1. Kit Kat
2. Coca-Cola
3. Tic Tac
4. Monster
5. Pepsi
6. Lipton
7. Skittles
8. Redbull
9. Oreo
10. Cheerios
11. Doritos
12. Chips Ahoy
13. Pringles
14. The Laughing Cow
15. Extra
16. Lay’s
17. Kool-Aid
18. Reese’s
19. Stride
20. Cheetos

Food Quiz Level 2 Answers:

1. Bubblicious
2. All-Bran
3. Cadbury
4. Trix
5. David
6. 5-hour Energy
7. French Toast Crunch
8. Golden Grahams
9. Honey Bunches of Oats
10. Life Savers
11. Nesquik
12. Lindt
13. Nido
14. Powerade
15. Ritz

Food Quiz Level 3 Answers:

1. Airheads
2. Tootsie Roll
3. Twizzlers
4. Dempster’s
5. Werther’s Original
6. Double Bubble
7. Big Red
8. Dentyne
9. Spam
10. Fritos
11. Frosted Flakes
12. Gatorade
13. Green Giant
14. M&M’S
15. Milk Duds
16. Milky Way
17. Starbucks
18. Mountain Dew
19. Ruffles
20. Rice Krispies