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Monster Sweeperz Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Form a Powerful Team of Heroes

Monster Sweeperz is a new mobile game from 4:33 with a distinct anime influence. In this game, it’s your job to command troops of Sweeperz in armed tanks as you destroy waves of monsters. It’s an easy-to-play shoot ‘em up RPG where you can form your own team of heroes from more than 400 different Sweeperz of different classes, skills, and elements. As is the case in these games, it’s also your job to make the right upgrades and improvements, with the objective to improve your tanks and your heroes. You can also team up with friends and help each other out, similar to how other RPGs let you form clans or guilds (or join them), uniting multiple players with common goals.

Moving on to how to play the game, we’ve compiled a list of Monster Sweeperz tips, tricks and strategies, which you can refer to, especially if you’re a newer player, but also if you’ve been playing the game for some time and are having some trouble advancing forward, or figuring out certain game mechanics or features.

1. Be Familiar With Your Heroes

Although you don’t need to be familiar with all 400-plus Sweeperz, it helps to familiarize yourself with YOUR lineup. There are five classes for the Sweeperz, and you should also at least know what unique attributes they have. Understand the classes and the corresponding attributes, know how they play out in classical RPG formations, and choose your team of heroes accordingly.

2. Unlock The Awakening Skill Of Your Heroes

Trying to get some new skills for your heroes? You can do this by unlocking their awakening skill; this process is done by having characters of the same level consumed by others, allowing them to reach the right level for the awakening to take place. And it’s very important that you do this for a number of reasons. For one, this would increase your team attack stats. Next, it will benefit your character attack stats as well. Cool-down times will also be reduced, and leader skill effects, which will be explained later, likewise get a boost.

3. Take Those Opportunities For Partner Raids

Sometimes, you will be informed of Partner Raids, which show up at random during the game’s stages. These would allow you an opportunity to win gold and medals, the latter of which you can then use to buy materials and characters at the Medal Shop. (We’ll be tackling materials later, so don’t worry if you’re not familiar with them yet!) Make sure that you’ve got more than enough partners in the game so you can earn more medals. Like you would in any RPG with any kind of a social mechanic, don’t isolate yourself, and don’t be a stranger; partner up and improve your winnings dramatically!

4. Transcend Your Heroes

Most RPGs call this process evolution, but in Monster Sweeperz, the process is known as transcending. This allows you to increase your heroes’ maximum level, and like you would in similar titles, this is done by using the same character, or someone with equal skill levels, so you can transcend the target hero. You can also transcend heroes multiple times, giving them even more bonuses and making them more powerful.

5. Leader Skills Can Be Very Important

Having difficulty with some of the game’s harder stages? Chances are you might not have been making good use of those leader skills. So how can you ensure that you’ve got the right leader skills required to complete a stage with flying colors? At first, you’ll want to choose skills that have the same attribute, which would help you improve your attack performance. But once you’ve reached an advanced stage in the game, you can use your leader skills with heroes of the same class and skill combinations, allowing you to easily sweep more enemies away.

6. Get More Materials, Here’s How

What can materials do for you in this game? Are they for crafting, as they are in other RPGs? Well, to put it simply, materials are there to allow you to earn more EXP than regular characters. There are multiple ways for you to collect more power-up (PWR-UP) materials and Evolve Materials. For the former type of materials, you can check out the Newbie Labyrinth if you’re a ranked user. In addition, you can acquire Evolve Materials and rubies, which are the game’s premium currency. Likewise, you can earn materials and other rewards by taking part in the Daily Special Dungeon, which, of course, resets every day. Of course, you can play the Normal, Special, and Guerilla Dungeons and get materials as a reward.

7. Head To The Ancient Regions

The above methods aren’t the only ways for you to gather materials. You can also head to the Ancient Regions and put yourself up to a Herculean challenge compared to the other areas of this game. The greater difficulty will be very much worth it, though, as you can get premium PWR-UP and Evolve Materials, as well as the rarest of the rare Half-Death characters, meaning those with five stars.

8. The Other Perks Of Partnering

You really wouldn’t want to isolate yourself and play solo in this game. As we said earlier, partnering up allows you to win more in the game, but doing so also allows partners to earn Partner Points. These points can then be used to buy raffle entries, and the raffles could reward you with a variety of materials, may they be Awakening, Evolve, or PWR-UP.

9. Join A Guild

Not to be confused with partnering with another human player, joining a guild allows you and several other players to team up for a common cause, pitching in to help one member or more as they’d do the same for you. Being part of a guild also has a variety of other perks, such as greater chances at the evolve jackpot, reduced cool-down time for your partner, and a chance to get a high-class, or rare awakening.