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Adorable Home Pride Month Event Guide: Everything You Need To Know About the Time-Limited Pride Event

HyperBeard’s Adorable Home has certainly come a long way since our last guide on it. Raking in more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone considering it only launched last year, the top-ranked life simulation game has never ceased to excite its fans and followers. With the game’s development growing as much as the number of its playerbase does, you can always expect to find new and fancy additions to Adorable Home’s world.

Adorable Home has been supportive of the LGBTQ+ community for quite some time, enabling same sex partnerships in one of the earlier updates and making it stand out further from loosely similar games within the genre. In celebration of the LBGT Pride Month and in appreciation of LGBT people’s impact and contribution to the world, Adorable Home released 27 new limited edition furniture available only till July 15 as well as Pride Flags you can purchase any time.

adorable home pride month event guide

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adorable home new home

In this guide, we will be exhibiting all the new furniture and items you can purchase during Adorable Home’s Pride Month Event. We have yet to discover for ourselves just how many visitors these new investments can attract and how often they can do so. Laying out all the prices and the possible setups that lead to using each of them will cost, however, can help you quote just how much love you need to amass to purchase all these new items, or at least the ones you really like.

As most of the limited items you can purchase are more expensive than the usual sets of furniture, we hope you have already stocked up on a lot of love at this point in time. It is never too late to start doing so, and in the current expansive version of Adorable Home, there are plenty of ways and means for you to earn and save up higher amounts of love, especially with some time and dedication invested.

New Lounge Furniture – Litmus Set

Purchasing each new furniture and completing all the limited sets can be a very challenging feat to accomplish within the limited period of time, most especially if you have just started your life simulation adventure in Adorable Home. The total hearts you need to make all purchases before July 15 amounts to 41,240 love and if you have yet to unlock the garden, bedroom, and bathroom for you to decorate and save special memories from, that will cost an extra 11,000 love to unlock.

adorable home litmus set

Excluding the new Pride Flags, which will be available even after the Pride Event ends, you will need to earn and save 7,060 love to purchase the complete Litmus set for your lounge. You can always choose to purchase the limited edition furniture in no specific order. Despite having no additional effects for completing each set, the aesthetic appeal each full set carries with it can only be fully realized with a complete collection.

If you are going with our recommendation to focus on one set at a time, you might as well go with the Litmus Set first even if you have the garden and the rest of the rooms unlocked. We also prefer going for the most expensive item first, then work ourselves down to farming the love needed for the more affordable pieces. In this case, the Litmus Proud Chair, costing 1,300 love is the first target. You will certainly have a sigh of relief once you complete the 6-piece set with the purchase of the Litmus Proud Coffee Table Cabinet for only 960 love.

adorable home new lounge furniture

Even with the complete Litmus Set adorning your home’s lounge, it leaves plenty more room for you to mix and match various other items. Along with new furniture sets, there are 9 Pride-themed flags you can purchase and you can hang 2 of them in the lounge as well. In any case, hold off on purchasing those flags until after you have collected all the sets. The Pride Flags will be available even after the event, anyway.

New Garden Furniture – Wack-Pop Set

The Wack-Pop Set for your garden is actually the most affordable of all the Pride-themed sets. There are 7 pieces of furniture to collect and the total cost is only 5,980 love. It would be easier to save up for and purchase if you already have the garden unlocked during the event as the cost of 3,000 love to unlock it adds a huge chunk to the total cost you need to earn and save up.

adorable home wack-pop set

Just like our recommended strategy in saving love and making purchases on the Litmus Set for the lounge, we prefer collecting the Wack-Pop Set starting with the most expensive. The most expensive item in this set is the Wack-Pop Bench, which only costs 1,000 love. You will most certainly earn enough to grab it at a much shorter span of time than almost every item in the Litmus Set. Compared to the Litmus Set collection process as well, your Wack-Pop collection quest ending with the purchase of the Wack-Pop Nest that only costs 620 love is equally satisfying.

adorable home new garden furniture

The garden is one of those areas where you can mix and match a wide variety of items to give it a unique appeal from time to time. Laying out the complete Wack-Pop Set on your garden breathes new life to it and leaves plenty of room for you to mix in a lot of other items. If you haven’t completed the sets for the 2 remaining rooms, though, we suggest you to continue working more for love and hold off on purchases not related to these collections as the next sets of furniture are a lot more expensive.

New Bedroom Furniture – Poet’s Set

Moving on to the more demanding limited edition sets, as far as prices are concerned, the Poet’s 7-item set for your bedroom certainly makes a huge jump in overall cost compared to the 2 other sets. With a whopping price tag of 12,450 love, this collection will certainly be a challenge to obtain. The entire set still costs less than the combined value of the first 2 sets we talked about. So, just to pump up your drive to complete this set, dwell on the fact that you already have completed the first two sets and that the third one takes less effort than what you have already given.

adorable home poet's set

For some reason, the bedroom is our favorite area in the house to give a makeover. We feel that a lot of Adorable Home’s fans and followers also share the same sentiments and, if not, it is completely understandable. If you do enjoy giving your home’s bedroom a facelift, then the Poet’s Set is something you should definitely strive to complete.

adorable home new bedroom furniture

Again, we recommend going for the biggest item on the list first. The Poet’s Closet, with all its intricate design, makes its high tag price worth it. You will need 3,200 love to purchase this item and the Poet’s Bed, which is the next most expensive item on the list, costs 3,000 love. Both the Poet’s Night Stand and Poet’s Mirror share the lowest cost in the group, pegged at 1,000 love each. Give yourself a pat on the back when you complete this set and then ready yourself for the most expensive set of all.

New Bathroom Furniture – Candy Set

As another 7-piece set and the last to complete all 27 limited edition furniture, collecting the entire Candy Set for your bathroom stands as the biggest challenge to take on within the Pride Event in Adorable Home. The total cost of the set is 15,750 love, which is more than a third of all 4 sets combined price.

adorable home candy set

One thing that sets this fabulous set apart from the 3 other limited sets is that you will not be able to put it all on display at the same time. Except for the Candy Sink and the Candy Bath Mat, only 4 of the other 5 items will fit the back end of your bathroom. Leaving the Candy Bath Tub or the Candy Washing Machine will still leave you with a fully made-over bathroom and essentially save you 3,000 to 3,500 love for the cost of the omitted item.

adorable home new bathroom furniture

If you are okay with just ensuring that you have your bathroom completely stocked with furniture from the Candy Collection, then strategizing on how to purchase each one should begin with deciding on which item to leave out. Once you have proceeded to purchase the most expensive item down to the cheapest one, which is the Candy Bath Mat, and given that you still have plenty of time to farm for more love before the end of the event, then that should be the only time to purchase the 7th item to complete your collection.

Pride Flag Collection

Lodged under the decorations tab of purchasable items for your home’s lounge, the different Pride Flags in Adorable Home are a great addition to the already large number of new furniture for the special event. As we mentioned earlier, however, these 9 flags will continue to be available even after the event ends. This means that even though each one only costs 100 love, it is best to set them as least priority for now as you would want to push towards completing the time-limited collections first.

What is good about this is that you can hang 2 different flags at the lounge, and of course, the total price of 900 love needed to collect all 9 flags is spare change compared to what you have already spent if you have purchased all 4 new furniture sets. Being able to purchase all the 9 Pride Flags along with the rest of the 27 new furniture means that you have shelled out a total of 42,140 love and if you also haven’t unlocked the 3 rooms before purchasing all of these, it means that you were able to cough up a massive amount of love totaling to 53,140.

If you look at the total cost of acquiring all the themed sets and flags before starting to work your way towards owning the entire collection, it certainly feels overwhelming. Be sure to check all our other guides especially in relation to maximizing your love earnings and set daily targets based on the remaining days of the event in relation to your available free time.

And that concludes our Adorable Home Pride Month Event Guide and we hope that our discussion will help you set strategies on how to go about pursuing these collections. We have our fingers crossed that these items will carry additional secrets later. If you have discovered something new relative to the event, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comment area below!