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Zombero: Archero Killer Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Your Enemies

The first rule in killing zombies is to aim for the head. The second rule of killing zombies is always remember to double-tap. In Alda Games’ mobile title called Zombero: Archero Killer, sometimes triple-tapping is necessary in order to do that. You might even need to unload your whole clip.

Zombero: Archero Killer took two popular genres and mashed them up into one – zombies and run & gun. While the original Archero game just pitted you against plants, and sometimes demons, Zombero is ballsier. This one pits you against zombie civilians, zombie plants, zombie bats, and even military-trained zombies!

Your main goal in Zombero: Archero Killer is to survive zombie-infested levels and fight against zombie bosses at the end of a chapter. You start off relatively weak, equipped with just your hoisted gun, the armor you decided to wear, and the skin of your teeth. Each level up will then give you randomly generated special power-ups. The different kinds of power-ups you can get for each playthrough makes every run feel unique.

zombero boss

The Whiplash

In this Zombero: Archero Killer guide, we’ll talk about surviving the early game – fighting through the hordes with a relatively weak and un-upgraded gun. We’ll also sort out the powerups strewn across the game and pick out which are the ones best to mix and match.

So, it might be best to suit up and unholster that gun of yours. We’re going into the world of Zombero: Archero Killer where it’s every man for himself!

1. Getting Ready For The World

Assuming you got out of the tutorial alive, you’ll end up here in the lobby screen. Placed at the top of the screen are the main resources that we need to optimize to keep ourselves alive. Let’s talk about them from left to right.

First is the experience bar, filled up by the juicy experience that you get for clearing each level. The experience that you get scales depending on the stage or chapter that you are in. With each level up, you’ll be rewarded with a generous amount of equipment, skill points, silver coins, and gold coins.

zombero gameplay

Are we ready for our next adventure?

Second in our list is the energy counter. Unlike in Archero, our activity in this game will be limited by the amount of energy we have. This is another reason why we want to optimize our runs so we can spend the smallest amount of energy while getting the most out of it. Energy is refilled over time and it gets refilled to the brim when you level up.

The best case scenario when playing is making sure you level up right before you run out of energy so you can keep playing the game without interruptions.

Our second to the last item on our list is the silver coins. This currency is mainly used when upgrading equipment and skills, something that we will talk about later. This currency is also used to shop for pieces in the daily deals shop.

Although it won’t hurt to be a scrooge and not spend on early game items in preparation for better equipment, it is better to spend a little on equipment upgrades to make early game runs easier and more manageable. Silver coins come in abundance at the end of each run, anyway.

Lastly, there are gold coins. This is the premium currency of the game and doesn’t really come easily for us. It is mainly used for reviving whenever you die. We’ll be talking about the best ways to spend your gold coins later on in this guide.

Now that we’re done talking about resources, we’ll be talking about each tab at the lower part of our interface and what they mean for us in the long haul.

2. The Search For Better Equipment

zombero shop

Let’s go shopping!

Click on that little crate at the bottom part of your screen and you’ll be whisked away to the shop. This is where we will be spending our coins, both silver and gold, with hopes to find better equipment than the scraps we currently have. You can also go here just to refill that energy of yours. The game gives you twenty free energy per day, at the cost of watching a few seconds of advertisements. Quite a steal!

3. Is This Worth My Coin?

Scroll past the energy sale and you’ll be greeted by crates. This should be where our hard-earned gold should be used. Take note that there are also free crates that are given every few hours – all you have to do is wait. All the rewards and equipment found within the crates are dependent on the current chapter that you are in.

zombero crates

Crates and gacha. What a surprise!

It’s recommended to save your gold coins and hope you get enough for that biggest crate over there, called the Angel Support Crate! It’s prudent to wait until you reach a later chapter before buying these crates, just so you can be sure that what you get inside will be super amazing.

4. Upgrade Your Equipment

After that shopping spree that we went through, you’ll want to go through your equipment and see which ones are upgradable. The upgrade system in the game is very intuitive; you just need the proper amount of equipment parts and the right amount of silver coins, then voila! A better arsenal to survive the apocalypse.

how to upgrade equipment in zombero

No more tattered clothes and weak guns.

Early in the game, you will want to spend more on upgrading your weapon rather than your armor. Most of the attacks in the game can be dodged due them being projectile based attacks. You technically don’t need more health if you are good at dodging, and you won’t be dodging for long if you can kill enemies quickly.

Another thing to note about upgrading equipment is that you get a gold coin for each upgrade you do! So if you have that extra silver coin and you think that farming it is easy, go ahead and splurge. Quite a big contrast to what’s been said earlier but remember that gold coins are worth more than silver!

5. Improve Your Skills

Skills are automatically unlocked at the first stage and we should take a good look while we’re at it before diving into the perks list. At the early stages of the game, it is highly advisable that you take the skills that give you bonus overall damage per second. These skills are attack speed, damage, and critical bonus. The faster the zombies fall flat, the better your survivability will be!

zombero skills

Skills and perks, to take or not to take?

Perks, on the other hand, is a whole other topic. While skills deal more on self-improvement and hopefully easier runs, perks deal with the betterment of the player’s quality of life. These perks will help make your experience of the game better and quickens your progress, under the assumption that you grab the right perks. The first perk that you get would always be Starting Ability since the game forces you to grab it. Afterwards, you might want to grab that Good Student perk for more skill points earned!

zombero perks

6. It Ain’t A Job, It’s A Quest

Just to get you motivated to do your daily grind. Here is the task list found within the game, separated daily, weekly, and monthly. You don’t necessarily have to mind these since you’d be able to clear these while playing the game — just remember to claim them once you finish them!

zombero quests

What to do here on my checklist?

The best ones are the monthly quests which give gold coins when completed. No rush to finish them since they’ll naturally unlock if you play a lot!

7. Into The Fray

Once you go on a journey, one of the most notable things that you’ll see is that bullet bar at the bottom of your character. This is the amount of auto attacks that your character will do before reloading, surprising since you carry a gun. This is different compared to Archero, where you can get unlimited arrows.

zombero levels

Fifty levels? Hold my gun…

This gimmick is something that you will gave to manage throughout the game, all while weaving, and dodging through enemy attacks. That number at the top of the screen is the amount of levels you must plow through in order to finish the current chapter. Remember that you always start at the first level whenever you die. You definitely have to finish all fifty levels in one go!

Your in-adventure level is different from the overall level you have in the lobby. You get a maximum of ten levels in every adventure, therefore you have at least ten different power-ups to gain – a lot, but not unlimited. This is the reason why we want to optimize what we get as power-ups, even if it’s all dependent on luck.

8. Get More Power-Ups

While most rooms are randomized with random number of enemies, amount of traps, and everything nice, every fifth room out of ten will always have an NPC that will give you a random power-up for free. The NPC also gives you the option to forego the power-up to just restore a bit of your health. It’s highly recommended that you grab the power-up that he has to offer since it will help make your run smoother. But if you’re one hit away from dying – well, you have little options.

zombero gift

I can’t say for sure, but those fifth and tenth rooms seem very suspicious.

Meanwhile, the tenth room out of every ten always contains a random boss, taken from a pool of characters. The move set and mechanics of these bosses are easily learnable, although the time to vanquish each one of them will depend on what level you face them and what power-ups you have. After clearing a boss, you’ll be given a roulette, half of which contains a minor power-up, while the other half contains minor health refills.

9. Pay Attention To Synergies

zombero abilities

Everything seems viable… hmmm.

Now, you must remember that while you get many power-up choices, you can only choose one and can at the very least get ten. So, you got to mix and match the proper ones in order to make your runs smoother. Of course, whatever path you take is always a free choice and you may choose to get anything you want, but some of these abilities have synergies that you will want to take advantage of.

DAMAGE PER SECOND: If you choose to take this route, you will want to get the power-ups that provide you elements and lingering damage per second. These are Poison, Bolts, Burn, and Attack Speed. The three elements provide you a steady output of damage per bullet hit while attack speed increases that number of bullets that you pump into a recently departed but soon-to-be-dead zombie.

You may want to also get Knockback bullets to help you manage crowds of zombies, but this power-up does very little help when it comes to facing bosses.

SPREAD SHOT: If you choose to take this route, you will be getting all the power-ups that give you the ability to spray bullets in more directions than one. This are Diagonal, Back, Frontal, and Side bullet power ups. These will allow you to hit other enemies besides the target that you are currently focusing on. Turn the screen into a bullet hell in your favor.

We also advice you to get Piercing bullets so that your bullets will stay true to its course – not being impeded by a stray zombie in between you and your actual target.

ADVANCED SPREAD SHOT: Advanced spread shot is taking the first route of spread shot but not getting piercing bullets. This route could go one of two ways depending on the availability of power-ups offered to you.

The first option is getting Bolts – having the ability of damaging enemies that are clumped together while having a massive spread of bullets will give you better chances of burning them to smithereens.

The second option is getting Ricochet and Bounce bullets. Ricochet gives your bullets the ability to bounce right after it hits the first enemy. Bounce bullets gives your bullets the ability to bounce right after it hits a wall. While filling the screen with some kind of deadly pinball bullets, this will easily make your screen feel crowded, and may prevent you from spotting incoming enemy projectiles.

MINION EMPOWERMENT: While this is not really that optimal, there are runs that you will be getting nothing but power-ups for your minion. Always remember to go for those that gives your pet better damage output and stay away from survivability modifications. If you’re going to use a janky build, double down on it.

HEALTH MEANS WEALTH (?): Building a tanky character is not at all advisable. The best way to survive is to spend less time dealing with zombies. Making your character tougher will only prolong your agony. Without damage, you’re useless against bosses. Your fingers might drop even before you reach halfway through the fifty stages. Go do yourself a favor and learn how to dodge instead.

Zombero: Archero Killer is a game which demands a mixture of good luck, good mechanical skills, and fast reflexes.

The idea of resetting a chapter when you die during a run is a little unforgiving, but the more you play the game, everything will just become muscle memory. Mechanics and the way certain enemies move could be predicted and once you get the hang of it, you’ll just breeze through the game – no sweat.

This game is highly recommended when you want a game that is equal parts fun and stressful. Finishing a chapter gives quite the adrenaline rush but failing at the last boss feels like a gut punch. So, best get your device and start playing! Humanity ain’t gonna save itself!

And this is where we end our guide for Zombero: Archero Killer. In case you have come across tips and tricks that we haven’t mentioned in this article, then be sure to drop us a line!

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