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WWE: Champions Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Wrestlers

Just as we had promised you last time, we’ve got even more tips and tricks for WWE: Champions. But before we get to those tips, let’s give you a brief backgrounder/refresher on this new iOS and Android title from Scopely. This is a Match 3 game with tons of RPG mechanics, and as we had previously explained, the Match 3 mechanics here are noticeably different from your average title in the genre. The colored gems you match will be used to power up your wrestler’s special moves, and you won’t be winning by completing a puzzle with less moves per se, but rather by using those special moves to pin your opponent. And as far as the wrestlers go, this game comes with 80 collectable wrestler “posters,” spanning the Legends era (Hulk Hogan’s era, though we don’t think he’s included due to his 2015 leaked audio controversy), the Attitude Era (“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, etc.), and the Modern Era (John Cena, Roman Reigns, etc.)

Our first WWE: Champions strategy guide had run the gamut, as we talked about in-game strategy, improving your wrestlers, and certain key features in the game. These were mainly beginner and intermediate tips. But in this new guide, we shall be including advanced tips in the mix, as well as a few that we should have included in the first guide, but weren’t quite able to mention.

1. Play Defensively If You Can’t Find Any Good Matches

Although your first instinct should be to match colored gems based on the colors of your signature moves and finishers, the game is designed in such a way to often make these matches harder to come by. So if you’re stuck with no option that will result in a special move getting charged, then you might want to try making matches that correspond to the colors of your opponent’s special moves. That will effectively prevent them from charging up their moves, and consequently, it will prevent them from launching them early in the match. This game may be offense-oriented in nature, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play a little defense from time to time.

2. Stringing Together Combos (Part 1) – One Match Leading To Another

When we use the word “combo” here, we’re talking about your wrestler having more than one move in the turn, or making the most out of a single turn. So with that in mind, one thing you can do to make the most out of your turn is to create matches that lead to others. That increases the amount of damage you get to do on your opponent, and you don’t even have to start with a move that matches your special moves’ colors. Of course, the best moves of this type are the ones that lead to matches of four, or matches of five, with the latter giving you an extra turn.

3. Stringing Together Combos (Part 2) – Stacking Your Special Moves

Apart from the bonus move/turn you get after matching five gems of one color, there’s another situation where you will usually get to launch two moves, or even more. And we’re not just talking about regular matches here, but rather your special moves. If you’ve got two or more special moves fully charged, you can do a lot of damage by stacking them – launching them one after the other. Best-case scenario would be pinning your opponent with your finisher, and leaving him with a lot of damage to kick out of. Worst-case would be getting a third move – one signature move after the other, followed by a regular match if you don’t get a chance to pin your opponent. Either way, that’s a lot of damage to be dealt out.

4. Another Key Benefit Of Joining A Faction

We didn’t mention this in great detail in the first WWE: Champions strategy guide, but there’s another great and very useful benefit to joining a faction. Being that you need 400 cash to buy a “Mega Superstars” pack – that’s any WWE Superstar in the game of up to three-star gold rarity (with common one-star bronze guys being the most common) – you can earn some cash really quickly by joining a faction. The reward for doing so is 100 cash, so if you haven’t joined a faction, do it now!

5. How To Get More Tokens

You may have been wondering in the first guide about tokens, and as promised, we’ve got some tips on how to get more of them. Tokens, as a refresher, are required if you want to enhance one of your Superstars and increase their rarity. There are different types of tokens in the game, each of them depending on the wrestler and their class. So how do you get more?

The first way would be to take part in the regular tour/campaign matches/levels, which would often offer several tokens as a reward. The limited-time events are also a good source of tokens, so you may want to take part in them as well. You’ve also got your Victory Loot briefcases, which are sometimes given as rewards for winning certain matches, or available via cash purchase. They’re also available inside the bags, which are again, won as prizes for winning matches, or as rewards for completing every five missions. If you need tokens to enhance any given wrestler, make sure to check the list of rewards for clearing a level/winning a match so you know just where to get them!

6. Hold Off On The Events Until You’ve Got Two-Star Wrestlers

The limited-time events are a great way to get coins, tokens, wrestler posters, TP posters, and other goodies that will help you progress in the game. But we would only recommend going full speed ahead in these events when you’ve got wrestlers of two-star rarity or better. Yes, it’s fairly easy to win the first couple matches or so if you’ve got a one-star silver or gold Superstar, but if you’ve got a few with two-star rarity or better, then you may have a much better chance of going far and beating some of the tougher opponents. Though as you will notice in the high end of the recommended talent ranges, you will really need someone of impressive rarity if you want a good shot at beating the toughest bosses.

7. The Same Applies To Versus Mode

We didn’t talk about Versus mode in the first strategy guide, but this is the multiplayer mode of the WWE: Champions, where you get to take on human opponents, battling for ranking over a series of “seasons.” You can win Fame Rewards by matching as many Loot Gems as possible per season, but you would want to focus on the league rankings, where you can win tons of coins, tokens, chips, and other freebies for ranking high.

Early on, your opponents will usually be in the 500 Talent or higher range, and that would likewise mean requiring a few two-star rarity Superstars in your roster. It may sound like a great idea to compete as early on as possible, but first, you’ll need a lot of leveling up and enhancement, or you may have to get lucky and win yourself someone of two-star rarity or better by opening the wrestler packs in the Loot section, which, once again, can only be purchased with cash or chips.

8. The Difference Between Enhancement And Evolution

As a quick footnote to what we discussed last time, we might as well differentiate enhancement and evolution. The former is what you’ll likely be doing a lot of – when a wrestler reaches a certain level, you can pay cash and tokens to enhance his rarity, but only within his current number of stars. The latter, on the other hand, is the process of increasing the star rarity itself, e.g. from one-star gold to two-star bronze, or two-star gold to three-star bronze. And as you may probably guess, the latter is far more expensive than the former.

9. How Does Fusion Work?

Fusion is another little-known way to make your Superstars better, and the option becomes available when you get a higher-rarity duplicate of a wrestler poster you already have. So if The Rock, for instance, is at one-star bronze and you win a one-star silver poster of his after winning a match, as free loot, etc., you can select the Fuse option on the right side of your screen and improve his rarity without having to spend any tokens. But if you get a duplicate poster of the same or lower rarity, then that poster can be used as usual to level up special moves without the need to spend TP posters.

10. If You Should Buy Something With Real Money, What Should It Be?

We won’t lie to you – you can do well in WWE: Champions if you play without paying real money, but if you can afford a couple purchases with your hard-earned dough, we have some suggestions to help you progress even faster. We previously mentioned the Undertaker Starter Pack, which costs $4.99 (or its equivalent) and comes with a one-star gold Undertaker poster, and just enough coins and TP posters to get him ready for evolution to two-star bronze. But if you’ve got $9.99 on you (or the monthly charge to watch the WWE Network, wink wink), Shane O Mac’s Contract may be the better package, as compared to the Dual Power Pack.

While you’ll be getting two one-star gold wrestlers and a fair amount of cash (1,050) and coins (20,000) with the Dual Power Pack, you are assured at least 1,200 cash and 60,000 coins total once you’ve opened all 30 Payday Bags. That cash can buy you at least three Mega Superstar packs, or at least three chances to get a rare wrestler, and on top of that, you’ll also get 400 silver chips and 20,000 coins as your first-day bonus, and a two-star gold rarity wrestler poster (“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff) as your last-day bonus. The catch here is you only get one payday bag per day over a 30-day span, though if you’re looking at the big picture, the potential rewards are much better.


Monday 17th of April 2017

is shanes contract a one time 9.99 then? and 9.99 each time?


Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Its 9.99 for 30 bags.