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WWE: Champions Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 14 Hints You Need to Know

Scopely’s WWE: Champions was just recently released for iOS and Android devices, and unlike 2K Sports’ official paid app WWE 2K from a couple years back, this is not an action-based fighting game. It’s a free puzzle game where wrestlers from your roster of WWE Superstars take on others in a variety of game modes, and when we say puzzle game, we mean Match 3 puzzles. But don’t mistake this for another casual take on Candy Crush Saga with basic mechanics and few twists, if any at all. The matches you make in this game will allow your wrestlers to unleash moves on their opponents, and when it comes to the wrestlers you can unlock, this game comes packed with ‘em, featuring WWE Superstars from the modern era and from previous decades.

Whether you’re a pro wrestling fan or not, this is a Match 3 game that should appeal to anyone tired of the cookie-cutter titles in the genre, and those who want Match 3 titles to include more advanced strategic choices, level-ups, buffs, de-buffs, and all manner of RPG mechanics. That makes this game much more sophisticated than most others in the genre, but all those high-end mechanics don’t have to hit you like a Stone Cold Stunner or RKO. Read on, as we shall now be bringing you an exclusive WWE: Champions strategy guide with all the tips and tricks you need if you’re a beginner-to-intermediate player.

1. Special Pieces Work Differently

One key difference between this game and other Match 3 titles is the fact that you won’t be creating special pieces like you normally would, should you match more than three gems of the same kind. Likewise, there isn’t any special piece created when you match in a T-shape, an L-shape, or whatnot. Instead, matching four of a kind clears the entire row or column, and matching five would result in a Wild Card – this means an extra turn for your wrestler.

wwe champions tips

Nonetheless, there are various special pieces that can be created, but instead of big gem combos, they are created mainly by unleashing signature moves. Make sure to tap on a special piece when it’s created to see what it does, or see what it’s doing to you; usually, these would be buffs or de-buffs that could improve or neutralize respectively the effect of matching certain colored gems, until those gems are broken.

2. Take Your Time

Fortunately, there are some Match 3 mechanics in this game that still hold up in WWE: Champions. And one of these would be the fact that you still have no time limits when it comes to making moves. Study the board carefully so you can make sure you’re making the best match possible, and unless you’re really stumped, do not pay attention to the game’s suggested matches – oftentimes, there’s something better out there for you to match.

Also, tap on any colored gem to see how much damage breaking one of them can inflict – these values differ depending on the wrestler, so if you’ve got two possible matches of three on the board, go with the one that does the most damage. You have all the time in the world to do this, so make sure you’re not rushing into anything!

3. Focus On One Wrestler Per Class

You will be using the coins you earn to level up your wrestlers, and different-colored TP (talent point) posters to level up their moves. But there will be times when it’s hard to accumulate posters for a certain color, and coins can get used up real fast as you work on making your wrestlers better. Still, it’s necessary that you have at least one wrestler per class sufficiently leveled up, so that you’ve always got someone with a class advantage over your opponent. We’ll be explaining that in the very next tip, so read on for a more in-depth explanation of class.

4. How Do The Different Classes Work?

All in all, there are six classes in WWE: Champions, with an elemental mechanic of sorts determining who’s strong or weak against the other. Purple beats Green, Green beats Red, Red beats Blue, Blue beats Yellow, Yellow beats Black, Black beats Purple. You can tap on your wrestler’s Class to the left side of his name to easily determine what color/class he’s strong or weak against, though the game will also warn you before proceeding to a match if ever you’re using someone who’s weak against the opponent’s class.

wwe champions superstars

The in-game tips also show you what each class can do better than the others. For example, Showboats (yellow class, mic icon) have higher health points than others, and can use their signature moves to heal themselves. Technicians (green class, wrench icon) can use submission moves to make their opponents tap out. Tricksters (purple class, cobra head icon) steal opponents’ gems and use other underhanded tactics to get the upper hand.

Acrobats (blue class, wing icon) have a better chance of landing special moves. Powerhouses (red class, dumbbell icon) have especially high-damage signature moves. And lastly, Strikers (black class, fist icon) deal more damage than usual with their regular moves.

5. Focus On Matching Colored Gems Corresponding To Your Finisher

The game will make this hard for you, but it’s pretty much what you need to do to win a match quickly, get three stars, and finish with as little damage as possible. Underneath each wrestler you will see three special moves you can perform during a match – you’ve got your signature moves, and you’ve also got the Finisher on the extreme left, which, just as the name suggests, deals the most damage has the best chance of ending the match.

If your wrestler’s Finisher is designated by the color yellow, then you want to match yellow-colored gems to charge it up. Again, the board will often be set up in such a way that you’ll have a lower chance of getting yellow matches (using the example above), but at least that will give you an idea of what to focus on.

6. Only Match Loot Boxes If It Could Lead To Gem Matches

On your board, you will also see white boxes with the WWE logo on them – these are your loot boxes, and the more of them you break, the better prizes you can receive once you win the match. However, the catch here is that they only do one point of damage per box broken, which, as you may imagine, will barely cause a dent if you make a match of three.

wwe champions recruitment

Basically, the only time you should be breaking loot boxes is if that match leads to gem matches, if you match four, which leads to all the gems in an entire row/column getting broken, or if you match five, which gives you an extra turn. Otherwise, it’s best to let the loot just come naturally and focus on pinning your opponent ASAP, while avoiding damage.

7. Join A Faction For Quick And Easy Healing

In the world of pro wrestling, factions are groups of three or more wrestlers allied to a common cause. But in WWE Champions, factions are groups of several human players, also allied to a common cause – this time ensuring the success and progress of one another. Click on the Factions button on the bottom of your screen and choose from a list of recommended factions to join, preferably one where the other members are close enough to your level. This is important, because you can ask a faction member to heal your wrestlers, while stepping up and healing others’ wrestlers and returning the favor.

Health packs can be hard to come by, cash, as premium currency, is best saved up for better things, and it’s no joke waiting for your wrestlers to heal up automatically, as that could take a while depending on how much damage they’ve taken in their last match. So if you don’t like spending cash/using health packs or waiting hours to get your wrestlers back to 100 percent health, join a faction and reap that primary benefit.

8. Redeem Your Free Loot

Every four hours, the game will reward you with free loot, which may include TP posters, wrestler posters, health packs, coins, and maybe even some cash. You can open a briefcase filled with free loot every four hours or so, which means you should set up your notifications so that the game can remind you any time you’ve got a new briefcase to open.

9. Complete More Missions

wwe champions strategies

The Missions tab on the right side of your screen will show you a list of in-game tasks you can accomplish – for example, you may be asked to win a certain number of matches with a specific wrestler, join a faction, heal someone in your faction, etc. Either way, you will get cash – the game’s premium currency – as a reward, and for every five missions you complete, you will be given a Mission Bag loaded with coins, TP posters, and other goodies that can help your progress.

10. How To Improve Your Wrestlers

As we mentioned above, it’s important that you don’t just improve your wrestlers, but also work on improving at least one per class. And there are different ways of going about this, starting with the simple process of leveling them up with coins. While it’s relatively cheap to level them up for the first few times, the cost of doing this increases progressively, which would require you to fight in as many matches as possible, may they be in the general tour, limited-time events, etc.

You should also be leveling up your wrestler’s special moves, and you can do this primarily though TP posters that correspond to the color of the special move. You can also use duplicate wrestler posters to do this. At first, I was disappointed to find out that I got a duplicate Seth Rollins NXT posters, but eventually found out that his duplicate poster also doubled as “currency” for leveling up his finisher.

You can also enhance your wrestlers should your wrestlers be leveled up to a certain point, and also have enough cash and the right kind of tokens to do so. We’ll be talking about tokens later on, but when talking about enhancement, this doesn’t necessarily increase their star rarity. Instead, it improves their star color, meaning that if you enhance a one-star bronze John Cena for the first time, that means you’re moving him up to one star and silver, not improving his rarity from one to two stars.

11. Do Not Waste Your Cash

We will explain a little later on what you should be spending your cash on, but as early as now, we should warn you that the premium currency of WWE: Champions is not to be spent frivolously. The game will often ask you if you want to spend cash to resume a match after getting pinned – do not do this, as that’s going to cost you 50 cash. I learned this the hard way when I accidentally clicked on that option. Sure, it’s going to restore a huge chunk of your health, but you’re better off losing the match and hanging on to your cash, as you’re going to need it later on.

Do not use your cash either to heal your wrestlers back to 100 percent. As we mentioned above, the best way to heal your wrestlers is arguably to join a faction and ask for your mates’ help – no need to spend cash, and no need to go through a similarly hard-earned health pack either.

12. How To Get More Wrestlers Added To Your Roster

The collection mechanic of this game is quite an interesting one, especially for longtime WWE fans who want to manage a variety of wrestlers across different eras. So how do you get more wrestlers and beef up your roster?

wwe champions roster

The first way would be to simply win more matches. Sometimes, the game will reward you with a wrestler’s poster, as often specified in the loot area. Chances are you’ll reach a point where you’ll often be getting dupes, but that’s okay, as we mentioned above – duplicate posters can help you level up finishers. And speaking of loot, the free loot briefcases available every four hours do give out wrestler posters from time to time.

You can also use your cash to buy more posters, and that’s what we were talking about when we said you should not be spending your cash frivolously. 400 cash is going to get you a guaranteed poster with up to two-star gold rarity, though if you’ve got tons of cash accumulated already, you can buy in bulk and get multiple Superstars of that rarity, or even rarer Superstars who should help you plow through the competition. Head to the Premium Superstars section under the Loot tab, and feel free to browse through the different options. Scopely does change them around quite a bit, so you might have to act quickly if you’re torn on whether to buy these higher-end posters or not.

Chips are another form of premium currency that can be used to buy wrestler posters, and likewise, you’ll need lots of ‘em to get a chance at someone of truly impressive rarity and talent. You can win chips in the various game modes, but especially in the limited-time events, which are harder than the usual tour/campaign mode matches, but offer much better rewards.

Lastly, there’s also the option to spend some real-life cash, which may be worth the try if you’ve got some spare money to burn. At the moment, Scopely is offering an Undertaker Starter Pack, which comes with The Undertaker’s “The Last Outlaw” poster, 25 TP posters each for his different special moves, 45,000 coins, a health pack, and a Backer Gift Bag. As Scopely says, that’s 700 percent extra value for your money.

13. What Do Props Do?

Props are among the items you can get for winning in this game, regardless of the mode. You can access your toolbox of props on the lower left of your screen when selecting a wrestler for a match, and choose the three props you want to bring along with you for the match. But what do they do, and when should you use them?

These props can do a variety of things, such as adding special gem pieces to the board – for example, Power of Positivity adds three random Heal gems on the board once activated, while Show of Hart, depending on its color, can charge up a move by three gems, without the need to make a match. We would recommend you only use these props when needed, such as if you’re taking a lot of damage and need the board to be filled with Protect gems to minimize the damage inflicted by your opponent. Props, after all, are consumable, meaning that if you use them once, they’re gone forever!

14. Replay Previous Matches

As you’ve found out from the tips above, you will need a lot of resources to improve your wrestlers or afford to buy new ones with your in-game currency. And that would also mean a lot of grinding. You can always go back to matches which you won with only one or two stars and replay them again with your wrestlers ideally much-improved from the time you won the match the first time.

wwe champions pvp mode

Although you get a one-time prize in the form of props, coins, etc. after clearing a level for the first time, you can still win loot briefcases via replays. You can even replay with the intent of cracking 13 loot boxes or more, though this could mean your wrestler taking a lot of damage and taking longer to win the match, if he does go on to win.

If you complete all matches in a tour area with three stars, you will unlock the next difficulty level, and while that would require your wrestlers’ Talent levels to be even higher, the quality of rewards does improve as you move up in difficulty. Make sure to try both Hard and Hell difficulty levels once you’ve completed Normal and Hard respectively!


Thursday 6th of August 2020

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Nick Gates

Thursday 25th of July 2019

The game is quite a money scam. I mean come on there is no sense to charge prices like $9.99 for 60 training points posters of ONE (1) color. Lol smh it's ridiculous

Singh Akthar

Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Boo hoo. Another cry baby who won't work and play the game to level up as needed. Everyone wants instant satisfaction, what a great world.

Farrukh Alibutt

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

I have never seen such a money grab only game. The vs mode almost seems rigged as the way opponents get gems broken. Plus even if you spend money in the game it's not guaranteed that you will open the super star of your own choice. I have spent 30$ and all I get was training posters for the stars that are already maxed out. The tokens that are required to upgrade the superstars are so expensive that even after spending a 100k you would still be looking for tokens to upgrade. A total ripoff. The guy who has posted these guidelines must be a scopeley developer.