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Nonstop Chuck Norris Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Hints for Maximizing Each Play-through

Chuck Norris isn’t addicted to this game, because this game is addicted to Chuck Norris. You all know the “facts” pertaining to this legendary action hero, now it’s time to play a game that features him and all the awesome things he can do, at least in the in-game universe. Nonstop Chuck Norris is a new iOS game that’s advertised as a “nonstop action RPG,” but is actually more akin to an idle clicker, where you can let Chuck “punish” more enemies as you leave the game alone and focus on other things. As you beat up more enemies, you will earn more gold, and you can outfit Chuck with a number of different weapons, armor, and hats. You will also earn more rewards as you climb up the leaderboards, and unlock more signature abilities as you go along.

Chuck Norris may not need tips to play this game (it’s the other way around, of course), but you probably would, even if there doesn’t seem to be much to learn at first when it comes to these idle clickers. So if you want to harness the unstoppable power of Chuck Norris to the fullest, and make the most out of each play-through, we recommend you read this Nonstop Chuck Norris strategy guide and follow these tips.

1. Sit Back, Relax, Get Idle

As we said in the overview, this is an idle clicker more so than it is an action RPG, though there is a lot of action. But that’s the thing about the game – Flaregames says this is a “stress-free” game, and they’re not lying. Almost everything in here is done automatically – Chuck’s movement and his basic attacks on enemies, for the most part. He can even punish enemies while you’re away from the game, and you can choose to remain idle for as long as you want, and come back with a ton of coins to your name. But the game will notify you if Chuck needs your help in fighting a boss, and that’s where you should step in and intervene. Those basic attacks won’t cut it in boss fights, but other than activating Chuck’s special skills in these parts of the game, you can just let him take care of business without any assistance from your end.

2. Only Use The Skills Against Bosses

In this game, Chuck Norris comes armed with a variety of skills, with the new ones getting unlocked as you go along. You start out with a basic kick and a Thunder maneuver, and you will eventually unlock four others, including Shadow, which summons shadow Chucks to fight alongside you, and Push-Up, which causes earthquakes each time Chuck does push-ups. (He is, after all, Chuck Norris.)

All of these are neat skills to look at when Chuck does them and punishes enemies. But they’re only optional when you’re fighting these mere minions – most of the time, you can just sit back and watch Chuck do his thing automatically. The skills do come in handy during the boss fights, which take place every three stages and pit you against bosses with varying special skills of their own. Start out with the more powerful skills, and take note that each of them has a cool down timer, with advanced skills requiring longer cool down times before you can use them again.

You can also earn runes as a reward for ranking up, and these runes can be placed in Chuck’s skills, adding another dimension to them and making them more powerful. For example, the Stun rune corresponds to the Kick skill, and that allows Chuck to stun his enemies once his kicks connect.

3. Choose Your Gear Carfefully

For each boss battle Chuck wins, you’ll get a prize pack, and that will always include a weapon, piece of armor, or hat inside of it. These will all be new items, and they will usually be more powerful than the item currently equipped. But you should also check the perks each item gives you before equipping it – these perks may include improved attack speed, armor stats, etc., by a given percentage. And while you may get duplicates from time to time, no one weapon in Nonstop Chuck Norris is created alike – the perks may still differ when it comes to these dupes! Make sure you check the perks/buffs each piece of equipment provides Chuck before equipping them on him.

4. Upgrade Your Gear Regularly

This should be a no-brainer, but especially if you’re preparing for a boss fight, you should make sure to upgrade each piece of equipment you have. It may be Chuck’s weapon, his armor, or his hat, but in any case, it’s important that these items get upgraded and leveled up so that you’re always ready for the bosses.

5. You Can Sell Unneeded Gear

As we mentioned in the tip above, the gear you receive gets progressively better in most cases. And each item’s perks may vary. So with that in mind, you can add to your coin total by selling the gear you no longer need. That’s good for a decent haul if you’re selling a fairly leveled-up item, and that could help you raise money for more upgrades as they get progressively more expensive.

6. How To Earn More Coins And Gems

Coins are the common currency in Nonstop Chuck Norris, and you will use these to level up Chuck’s equipment. But since the cost of leveling up could rise exponentially, and we do mean that last word when talking about especially leveled-up items, you can get more by selling items you no longer need (as we said above), or by spending your gems to buy coin packages at the shop. You can also watch ad videos for a small amount of coins.

As for gems, this is the game’s premium currency, and you can get more of them by completing achievements (you can view a list of them by accessing the main menu and going to Achievements), and by increasing your player level. You’ll only get a couple gems or more per rank-up or achievement, but those gems can add up quickly.

As a bonus tip, you could give Chuck a pet to fight alongside him, and that’s the adorable, yet deadly Shiba Inu called Doge. This meme-tastic dog is capable of leap attacks and additional 100 percent damage for Chuck, and aside from Doge, you’ll also get a thousand tokens and 275 gems. The catch, however, is that the Doge package costs $4.99 or its equivalent in local currency.

7. Don’t Use The Health Kit

If you somehow fall to one of the many lesser minions, or if “death has a near-Chuck Norris experience” at the hands of a boss, the game will give you the option to use a health kit to be revived immediately. We would strongly advise you NOT to use the health kit, because it really wouldn’t do you any good in the grand scheme of things. As we’ve seen so far, Chuck is revived immediately once the boss fight is over, and you can easily retry the boss fight at any time, preferably after a few item upgrades.

8. When Should You Trigger The Big Bang?

The Big Bang is Nonstop Chuck Norris’ equivalent of the prestige – this is where Chuck shows just how awesome he is, creating a new in-game universe where you lose all your coins and items, but get rewarded with tokens, potions, and other things that should make your next play-through much faster and easier. As this becomes available once you’ve completed stage 20, when would be the best time to trigger the Big Bang and start from scratch with a stronger, better-earning Chuck?

Like in other clicker games with prestige mechanics, we would recommend doing this once you’ve reached a point where your coin earnings cannot keep up with the upgrades required to be “Ready” for a boss battle. If you keep on upgrading till you’re all out of coins and the boss battle’s difficulty is still at “Hard,” then you might want to consider going for the Big Bang, but if you want to really make the most out of it and get more goodies upon the start of your next play-through, you may try holding on a little longer, perhaps when you can’t afford the upgrades to ease the difficulty from “Very Hard” to “Hard.”

9. Spending Your Tokens

Once you start a new play-through, you will be asked if you want to make purchases with your tokens. This is done by tapping on the Adventure button on the top right of your screen, then clicking on the plus button to view a list of items you can buy with your tokens. It’s best to make these purchases only when you need to – for example, you can start with the first coin bonus purchase and the first damage purchase early on in your new play-through, then move on to the more expensive stuff as you go along. Still, you’ll be earning new tokens anyway once you trigger the Big Bang again, so don’t worry about spending all of them in the end – just make sure you’re only spending when necessary.