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Creature Quest Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Creature Quest is an interesting new mobile RPG by VC Mobile Entertainment. In this game you create your own ultimate creature team that will wreak havoc on your enemies. Each and every creature is unique, every one of them has its own regular and special attack skills. You can level them up, increasing various stats, while visiting different maps containing various challenges.

The beginning of the game is very easy, each battle is over in seconds, with your creatures showing strength against different opponents. But as you progress through the story, the encounters will get tougher, your creatures won’t be as effective as they were during the first couple of quests, but with a right combination of creatures along with some witty tactics, no challenge will be impossible to beat. Stay with us and discover how you can push your game higher in order to conquer the lands of Creature Quest.

1. Each Attack Is Special

Every creature has a different set of regular and special attacks, and every attack is unique. Some of them affect more than one enemy, some are stronger if activated first, or last. Others are more effective against certain types of enemies; for instance, some creatures can deal double damage to flying foes.

This is an interesting mechanic of Creature Quest, making the game hard but interesting to play at the same time. Make sure to get known with every attack your creature team has, and use them accordingly. Launching a certain attack at the right time can mean a difference between defeat and victory.

2. Watch Out For The Number Next To Enemies’ Health Bars

Each enemy found in Creature Quest has a counter next to its health bar. The counter shows the number of turns needed for the enemy to launch its attack. Remember, one turn does not end after all of your creatures land their attacks; it ends after every single attack, so make sure to ready some spells able to stop the counter, like a spell that can stun its target.

By managing to stop enemy’s blows you can make combat encounters very deadly for your foes since they won’t be able to hit your creatures for a good number of turns, enabling you to deal them massive damage each turn.

3. Collect Daily Rewards

Daily rewards in Creature Quest aren’t next-to-worthless like on many other free-to-play mobile titles. In Creature Quest, each day can give you lots of diamonds, some unique and powerful creatures, as well as lots of coins used for leveling up your party.

It’s no brainer – just check the game each day and you’ll be surprised by a number of rewards you’ll collect during just one week.

4. You Will Have To Launch An Attack By Every Creature During Your Turn

At the beginning of each battle phase, your creatures will get their regular attacks refilled. Since special spells need a couple of turns to refill, most of the time you’ll use regular assaults. And while most of them are relatively powerful, some creatures possess quite harmless regular spells.

Do know that you can’t skip casting a spell with a creature. During one phase, all of your creatures have to launch a spell. So, before you start thinking about how it would be better to wait a couple of phases and then launch a mighty special spell, remember that, even if a regular spell is lousy, it must be used.

Also, during each battle phase, you can either use a regular or a special attack, not both. This makes Creature Quest more challenging since you have to make a strategy that will use special attacks only when they can deal the largest amount of damage. Don’t just tap on every special spell; use them only when they can be most effective.

5. Use Color Combos

Color combos are one of the cornerstones of Creature Quest. Each creature has a base color (black, white, green , red, blue, and gold), and one or more colored combo slots (shown at the top of the creature card).

In order to make a combo, launch a spell with a creature possessing the same base color as one of the color counters of some other creature in your party. For instance, if your healer has a gold base color and two of your other creatures possess gold color counters, if you attack with a gold creature, the gold color counters will be used, increasing the spell strength of the gold creature and at the same time generating combo for other two creatures, making their next attack much more powerful.

This mechanic is crucial to learn if you want to be successful in Creature Quest. Make parties that include differently colored creatures and those that have more than one color counter so you can build combos during each battle phase. And always include lots of different base colors.

6. Make Sure To Have At Least One Healer In Your Party

Party-based RPGs, no matter if they are hardcore titles like Pillars of Eternity or more casual experiences like Creature Quest, have one thing in common.

In every party-based RPG having a healer in your party is of utmost importance. Some will say that battles are relatively short and easy to finish, but after you finish a couple of quests, the foes will get stronger and able to drain heath bars in just a couple of turns.

So it is very important to have at least one healer in your party. While healers tend to reserve their special spell slot for a healing spell, their regular attacks are able to damage opponents, so they won’t be worthless while in-battle.

7. If You Don’t Need A Creature, Feel Free To Recycle It

With time, and with more and more unlocked creatures, you’ll start to get characters that are either too weak, useless, or that just don’t possess any useful color for making color combos. When you receive a creature for which you are sure it is useless with your current party, feel free to recycle it.

Recycling a creature will give you a nice amount of coins, leveling diamonds, and other resources. Sure beats keeping a creature that is practically useless.

Thanks for reading our guide. We tried gathering different advice that can help you traversing Creature Quest and playing the game without big problems. We hope the guide helped you. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!