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World Piece Tips, Tricks & Guide to Travel a Greater Distance

World Piece is a new endless biking game from OBOKAIDEM. If you take a look at the game’s mechanics, then you can realize, that it’s one of those endless casual titles where your objective is to go as far as possible on your bike. Playing the game is simple – use one tap to operate your bicycle as you leap across countries and travel as far as you can. Properly timing the release of your finger could allow you to “connect the world,” though you also have to watch out for the one and only obstacle in the game – the lightning – which strikes you if you don’t cover enough ground.

Truth be told, it’s just one of those games that are so hard to put down. The records seem relatively easy to chase , but doing so often turns out to be much harder than expected. So read on as we bring you our World Piece tips and tricks to help you improve on your high score, or in this case, the maximum distance traveled.

1. The Basics Of The Game

Before thinking of how many countries you can visit in the game, we should first give you a brief backgrounder of the game’s mechanics. As the game’s maker states, it’s all about one-touch control here, as tapping allows you to propel your character forward, while letting go at the right time allows your character to leap and, in many cases, fly a great distance. That’s all there is to it, but the tricky thing is timing your leap properly, which we’ll be getting to in a little bit.

2. Grab The Clocks

There are some power-ups which you can collect as you go from country to country, but the most common of them are clocks, which buy you more time as you try to make it to the next country before lightning strikes you. This is where timing comes in, as you may often end up leaping over these valuable clocks, allowing you to cover more ground faster, but not doing a thing as far as buying more time is concerned.

3. When Is The Right Time To Release Your Finger?

We can’t stress how important it is to practice this simple move. Tapping and holding allows you to put some energy in moving your character forward, but leaving your finger on the screen for too long could be counterproductive and slow your momentum. Now you want to release your finger once your bike has enough momentum, and this would usually be after it’s gained a modest amount of speed on a short downhill run. You should definitely let your finger go after collecting a ton of clocks on a long downhill run, as that’s going to send you flying a great distance. But you can go an even greater distance than that, as we’ll show you in the next tip.

4. Don’t Tap The Screen Again Until Your Character Has No More Momentum

This applies to instances when you’re crossing over from one country to another. As you may have noticed, the momentum from the long downhill run will send you flying once you release your finger, and allow you to go a great distance. But tapping on the screen while flying will break that momentum, and cause you to land faster than you normally should. Wait until your character and his/her bike is done flying; you may have to wait until the bike has made a second, or even a third bounce after the first landing. Once the momentum is gone for that time being, it’s okay to build it back up again by tapping-and-holding so your character can build it right back.

5. All Levels Are The Same

Fortunately, World Piece is not that kind of game where the levels look different each time you play the game. In here, the slopes all look the same, the clocks and other power-ups show up in the same places, and everything else is virtually identical no matter how often you replay the game and go on another run. This should be a great opportunity to let you memorize the layout of each level, and know how, when, and where to time your leaps. Again, it’s all about keeping a balance between collecting as many clocks as possible and going as far as possible, so keep that in mind as you memorize how those levels work!

And this completes our quick guide for OBOKAIDEM’s new mobile game, World Piece. In case we discover more hints, then we will update this guide, so stay tuned!