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Tap Sports Baseball 2016 Cheats, Tips & Guide: 6 Hints You Need to Know

With the 2016 Major League Baseball season approaching, Glu released the latest game in its Tap Sports franchise – Tap Sports Baseball 2016 – for Android and iOS devices. Like previous entries in the series, this game boasts of simple one-touch controls that allow you to swing the bat and, if you’ve got everything down pat, hit home runs out of the park. You’ll be again dealing with real-life Major League Baseball players, whom you can collect and add to your roster as you climb up the standings. You can also compete to collect baseball legends by taking part in daily events and challenges, and face other human players in tournaments and leagues, of course, with some sweet rewards included.

If you’ve played Tap Sports Baseball before, you probably know the basics of this game. But you may be one of those gamers who are checking out this new title for the first time, with MLB’s 2016 season having kicked off just this past Sunday. So read on and join us, as we bring you our Tap Sports Baseball 2016 strategy guide for beginners.

1. Don’t Swing Until You See A Good Pitch

It is very important to follow the game’s tutorial, as this isn’t your average casual sports game for mobile. And one of the first things Tap Sports Baseball 2016 will teach you is how to swing the bat at the right time. That means waiting until you see the perfect pitch coming in; if it’s making its way to you just right, then you might not just successfully get credited with a hit. You might actually end up hitting a home run.

So how do you know when you’ve got the perfect pitch coming? The main thing here is focusing on the pitcher and watching as he makes his wind-up. But once you’ve watched the wind-up, you shouldn’t swing just yet. Allow the pitcher to throw the ball and then keep your eye on the ball. That’s where it gets tricky, as you’ll then have to act very quickly. Hit it when it looks like you can make contact, but let it go if it doesn’t. If the ball curves in the direction of your player at the bat, that could be a ball – remember that pitchers walk batters who get four balls, thus putting the batter on base, or advancing him. And if the pitch is coming in too low, you may also want to refrain from swinging, as that may also count as a ball.

2. Know Everybody’s Stats

Now, we’re not referring to the stats your players compile after a game, but rather their attributes, to be more precise about it. Tap Sports Baseball 2016 keeps it as simple as possible, so make sure you’re aware of all your players’ stats so you can build your roster accordingly.

For batters, Hitting affects their batting accuracy, so those with a high Hitting rating will be able to hit for a good batting average. Power shows how far balls will go when a batter connects on a hit. Speed indicates how fast batters can run the bases, or steal bases if the opportunity arises. Lastly, Bunt simply shows how effective a batter is in bunting the ball.
For pitchers, there are only three attributes to consider. Arm determines how hard a pitcher throws the ball. Control determines how well they control their pitches; low Control ratings mean you can expect a lot of walks (again, that’s four balls, or a base on balls) from that pitcher. Lastly, Stuff is like a skill rating for a pitcher – it shows how deceptive their throws are, and how hard it can be for batters to connect on their pitches.

3. Buy Players To Add To Your Lineup And Make It Stronger

With the coins you earn by playing games and winning them, you can buy new players to replace your weaker ones. This is basic sports management game logic, especially in mobile titles – if you want a better team, you want to buy and collect new players. These new players can replace your older, weaker players on your roster, thus allowing you a better chance to be competitive, especially against other human managers.

4. Trade For New Players

If you don’t have enough gold to buy new players, you can go to the trades menu and try to swing a deal. It is possible to offer three players in exchange for one new player, and that would usually result in someone who’s better than most, if not all the players on your early rosters. We’re talking players with three stars or more in terms of skill and rarity, but bear in mind that you need to acquire the offer players before adding the new star player to your team. Tap on each offer player so you can see where and how you can acquire them, but always be sure you’re making a smart trade that can help your team and shore up its weaknesses.

5. Upgrade Existing Players

Adding or trading for players are both good ways to make your team better, but did you know you can also upgrade players you already have on your lineup? By upgrading a player, you don’t just increase one of his attributes permanently, you increase that attribute permanently for the rest of your team. That said, upgrades don’t come cheap, so you might want to save up on them, or leave enough money left over for them.

6. Change Things Up Depending On Your Opponent

Playing the same strategy in each and every game won’t work for you, and neither would using the most basic, obvious strategies all the time. Instead, you should take advantage of the advanced strategies that may be offered to you in certain situations. It would all depend on the players you have and the situation at the time, but you should definitely mix things up and try something more advanced from time to time. Additionally, you can adjust your gameplay settings to change how often these advanced strategies come up.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Tap Sports Baseball 2016 is concerned. Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will update this guide with more hints!


Friday 15th of July 2016

Someone please tell me how to easily get free gold for tap sports baseball 2016?!?