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Smashy City Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints You Need to Know

Smashy City is an exciting new mobile game by Ace Viral, which is available for Android, that allows you to live out your favorite kaiju movies, albeit with retro-style graphics and simple game mechanics. The premise of the game is simple – destroy anything and everything you see as long as you’ve got your health, as you watch your wanted rating rise. You’ll be chased by police cars, tanks, ‘copters, APCs, and more, and while you’re doing that, your goal is to cause “maximum destruction” on the city. You can play as a giant ape, lizard, spider, crocodile, and even giant aliens and dinosaurs. There are 26 different monsters to collect, and it should be fun to find one to stand out as your favorite, as you collect as many of them as possible.

As for other features, Ace Viral promises that no two games of Smashy City will be the same, due to the completely random setups of the cities you destroy. But that shouldn’t daunt you, and neither should the presence of law enforcement and wanted levels. We’ve got just what you need if you want to destroy as much stuff as possible as a beginner player – this new Smashy City strategy guide.

1. Control Your Monsters With Two Fingers

The monsters in this game destroy anything they come across automatically. That means the only thing you have to do is to control them by tapping on the left or right side of your screen. Since controlling these monsters can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re starting out, we suggest using two fingers to operate your monster. Keep using these two fingers to rotate them left or right and have them cover as much ground as possible!

2. How To Get Free Coins

You can get coins in the game for unlocking new monsters by destroying buildings that have a coin over them, and collecting that coin. But since it’s going to take you forever to collect coins that way, we recommend watching ad videos whenever one is available. The game does serve up lots of ad videos, and the ads on the bottom of the screen aren’t at all distracting (at least for us), so you can play the game with the Internet on and not have to worry about getting thrown off. One ad video is worth 20 coins, and that’s much more than what you can get on an average run.

The game also gives you free gifts every few minutes once you’ve just started playing. The interval in between free gifts will become longer, and the number of coins you get will become smaller, as you keep opening them. But it’s a great way to get you started, and with your first free gift you’ll be able to afford unlocking a new monster via Hatch-a-Monster.

3. Unleash Rampage Mode At The Right Time

Once you’ve destroyed enough buildings, you’ll be able to fill up the Rampage Meter on the right of your screen. You can then unleash Rampage Mode, which would allow you to destroy buildings, regardless of size, simply by walking towards them, though this mode will only last for a few seconds. And since you will want to make the most out of those few seconds you have to lay waste to those structures, it’s best that you save Rampage Mode for times when you’ve got a long line of big buildings ahead of you. Don’t wait too long, though, as you’ll have to fill the Rampage Meter up again!

4. Focus On Big Buildings When Filling Up Rampage Meter

Different buildings and items contribute in different ways to the Rampage Meter. Small houses and structures, as well as cars and fences, won’t contribute much. They won’t cost much damage, won’t take too long to destroy, and won’t count toward filling up the Rampage Meter like destroying big buildings would. You know those buildings – they’re usually colored yellow, red, pink, light green, light blue, or lavender, and while they take some time to destroy, it will definitely be in your best interests to lay waste to them.

5. Always Be In Motion

Getting hit from behind, as the game says in the brief tutorial, would cause you to lose some health, and while it won’t be much of a problem at first avoiding cars while crossing the streets, you’ll soon be sieged by police cars, and eventually tanks, armored vehicles, and helicopters, as your wanted rating increases and the cops try to take you down. Since you’re not as quick as the police’s bullets (or other implements of destruction) would be, you’ll want to be in motion and try to avoid the law to the best of your capability. Of course, avoiding the law is easier said than done, but it’s better to be headed somewhere than to be aimlessly wandering around as you get fired at.

6. A Blow-By-Blow Look At The Characters

If you’re wondering about the different characters available in the game, you’ll be glad that they do differ from one another beyond their appearance. For example, Patricia the penguin uses soundwaves (or something like that) to destroy buildings, while Alison the crocodile is obviously shorter, yet longer than most of the other monsters; she mainly relies on her tail to destroy buildings. Both these monsters are classified as common, and all common monsters, regardless of their unique characteristics, perform at a similar level.

Things get different when it comes to the Rare, Exotic, and Epic monsters. Some, but not all the Rare monsters have better Attack, Rampage, or Speed ratings. All the Exotic monsters have two advantages in terms of the different attributes (aside from the aforementioned three, there’s Health to consider), or one super-strong advantage in one attribute, e.g. ++Attack. It tends to vary when it comes to the Epic monsters, as you can get a monster with three attribute advantages, or one advantage that puts them at the top of their class in that attribute, e.g. +++Speed. Lastly, you’ve got the purchase-only monster Bling Kong, who’s priced at $4 worth of real money on the in-app store. He gives you a normal advantage in Rampage and Attack, plus the ability to double your coins during your runs.

These would be our tips and tricks for Ace Viral’s new mobile game, Smashy City. If you’ve enjoyed our hints or if you have something to add, feel free to comment below.


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