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Flail Rider Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

BulkyPix is one of the leaders in the casual mobile gaming genre, and its latest title is Flail Rider, which invites you to blow “everything” up, all with the help of a giant flail on the back of your vehicle. This is a colorful, fast-paced, top down arcade racing game where you can go from one location to another and destroy everything and anything, all while driving. You can get a higher score simply by destroying more things in your environment, and you can also collect coins, which you can then use to unlock vehicles such as a tank, a monster truck, a hot rod, and the Catmobile. There are 50 different cars available to unlock, categorized into three classes, and unlike in other casual games, the cars do have their own unique characteristics; smaller cars have smaller flails but handle better, while larger cars have bigger flails but are tough to control.

That’s pretty much the game in a nutshell, but if you want to destroy more stuff and destroy more cities, we would advise you to read on and check our Flail Rider tips and tricks. Let’s get to them.

1. Go For All The Power-Ups

Destroying buildings in the game would allow you to collect power-ups, and since these are only active for a limited time, you’ll want to get all the power-ups you can in this game. You can also get coins so that you can unlock and buy more cars, but the power-ups would be more valuable as far as your current run is concerned. Out of all the power-ups, the Extra Time power-up would be the best because it does what it’s supposed to – it gives you a little more time to destroy things in the game. The Invincibility power-up is also great, as it allows you not only to remain impervious to damage when you hit buildings, but also to destroy those buildings.

2. Drive Around In Circles

While driving straight may be the instinctive thing to do, you have to remember that the objective of the game is to destroy more things in the city and score higher. That means you’ll have to drive your car around in circles, and focus on areas that have more buildings. Driving in circles also means you have a lower chance of hitting the buildings, and a higher chance of destroying them, as well as destroying everything you see. In addition, you have better odds of getting all the power-ups available.

3. The Time Limit Should Not Be A Problem

Although, you may be daunted by the time limits the game gives you, those limits shouldn’t be too much of an issue once you get a little practice in. If you play solidly at the very least, even if you make some mistakes, you won’t be bothered too much by the clock. Besides, the Extra Time power-up we mentioned above will ensure that you get some additional time to destroy stuff and score more points. Keep wreaking havoc on the city and the clock may actually turn out to be your best friend.

4. What Kind Of Car Should You Choose?

There are three car classes in this game, and as we explained above, the plus point of small cars is that they handle better, while the plus point of big cars is that they have bigger flails. Conversely, small cars don’t have much of a flail to speak of, while big cars are tough to control. So which one is better? Going for a good balance would be best, but if we were to pick between big and small, we’d go with the larger cars. You will need to practice more so that you can get the hang of controlling them, but on the plus side, you can take advantage of those gigantic flails.

5. Warp Once You’Re Through Wreaking Havoc In A City

If you’ve destroyed enough buildings and such in a city, you’ll have the option to warp to a new dimension. You’ll be notified of this option when you see an arrow in front of your car, and when that arrow appears, you’ll want to go with the option to warp and go to a brand new city.

Then again, you can remain in your current dimension if you feel like you haven’t destroyed everything there is to destroy, but warping to a new city would give you a brand new environment, and a brand new collection of things you can destroy to add to your score.

That’s all for now, as far as our tips and tricks for Flail Rider is concerned. Know other hints to improve your high score? Let us know by commenting below!