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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Tips, Cheats & Guide: 11 Hints Every Player Should Know

Although, it’s only available for iOS devices as of the moment, Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is already creating quite the buzz on the App Store. This is the long-awaited sequel to the mobile hit Marvel: Avengers Alliance, and once again, you’ll have a chance to assemble a team of superheroes that include, but aren’t limited to members of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and others. You’ll be battling some of the Marvel universe’s most memorable supervillains in 3-on-3 combat, as you deal with a series of galactic collisions called Incursions, which are threatening Earth as we know it. You can also team up with other real-life, human players and take advantage of the game’s social features.

As this is quite a sizable game (616MB, per the App Store), that means a pretty in-depth gaming experience that may be quite daunting at first. So we’re going to start at the very top, and list some beginner tips and tricks on a variety of topics in this Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 strategy guide.

1. Spend Your Gold On Superior Power Cells

The temptation to spend your gold while still early would always be there, but at the end of the day, you’re better off holding on to it for the most part, and spending it almost exclusively, if not completely, on Superior Power Cells. This would be the case early in the game, or until you’ve gotten a good combination of heroes you can work with. Aside from the free hero you get after your first seven days of gameplay, Superior Power Cells would be your only way to add to your stable of superheroes. And while there’s no guarantee you’ll get a hero from spending the Cells, there is a chance, and that’s the main reason you’ll want to focus on them when spending you gold in the early goings.

2. What Should You Spend On Next?

What comes next after you’ve spent enough gold on Power Cells and gotten some heroes you can be confident in? You can then spend your gold to refresh your scouting missions. But even then, it’s still best to be prudent when spending gold in this game, and avoiding those frivolous purchases you may only regret in the end.

3. Some Classes Are Better Than Others

Unlike other games that limit the number of classes to something manageable for beginners, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 has a whole slew of classes that may be intimidating to deal with if you’re just starting out in the game. We won’t go into the gory details of which class is better than another, but the good thing is that it should only take you a couple days tops to figure out which class has an advantage over other classes. Tap and hold on the class information so you can find out all the details, and use the information you’ve gleaned to choose your team of heroes.

4. Get Your Free Heroes, But Choose The Right One

Once you’ve played the game for seven days, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 will offer you the chance of choosing a free hero. There’s actually no bad pick among the free heroes you’ll be offered, but when choosing, you’ll want to keep in mind the tips we mentioned above, and choose the hero who will benefit your team the most. For example, you might want to get a free hero belonging to an element you do not have at the moment – this is a very common situation, and something you can easily overcome by choosing a free hero. You can also choose someone who’s better than your least impressive superhero if all the elements are already covered.

5. Be Prudent When Using The ISO Compounds

The ISO compounds that you recover during battles, or by other methods could give your heroes some much-needed experience, but you should also remember to be prudent when using them. Use the ISO compounds based on element so you can give your heroes the best possible gain in experience points. You can still improve them decently if you don’t match elements, but using the compounds based on element is infinitely better. And, as a bonus tip, you may also want to take it slow when it comes to the XP boosts; it won’t do you much good if you eventually get much better characters, thus relegating your weaker characters to the figurative bench.

6. There Is A Method For Choosing Active Skills

It can be a lot of fun choosing active skills for your superheroes, but there’s a method to the madness, so to say. Playing the game will allow you to unlock more skills over time, but you should make sure you’ve checked what these skills can do, and how they can help your team in the short and long term. Also consider the effects of upgrades on these skills. Based on this information, choose the right skills for your heroes, because an awesome standalone skill might not be good as a rather middling one that provides great team bonuses. Basically, it’s not just about one hero and one hero alone – it’s about ALL your heroes.

7. Optimize Your Energy Usage

Once you level up in the game, your energy will be replenished to 100 percent, so you may want to try this simple trick in order to optimize energy usage. Complete a ton of tasks when the XP meter is about to be filled up (thus signifying you’re going to be leveling up soon), so that way, you can get your task rewards and replenish as much energy as possible. Don’t level up while you’ve got a full energy bar, because it won’t do you any good as far as productivity is concerned.

8. Take Advantage Of Free Attacks

You will eventually find out that the free attacks you get during battles against supervillains can be a great help to you. Once you have the chance to launch a free attack, take advantage of that opportunity at the soonest possible time, as it will give you a better chance, and an easier time at winning those battles.

9. Basic Tips For Attacking Villains

When attacking enemies in 3-on-3 battle, your best bet would oftentimes be focusing on the enemy that you’re able to kill off the fastest. Be quick in trying to focus on these villains, as you can do a world of good by attacking an enemy before they hit you first, or even before they hit you twice. Area of effect attacks are great if you have them, but otherwise, it’s best to take things one enemy at a time, and make sure you’ve killed them first before moving on to another villain. Remember the old rule – one dead enemy is better than several badly-hurt enemies who are still alive! And also remember the exception, which would be focusing first on super-powerful enemies that are capable of wreaking havoc on your team, should such enemies be present.

10. The Basics Of Boss Battles

The above tip (or tips) talked mainly about lesser villains or enemies, but what about the boss battles, when things really start to get serious? We’ve gotten the best results by killing the boss’ minions first, as they can throw a wedge into your plans and knock you off while you’re focusing on the boss. Once you’ve killed those troops, you can then take it to the boss villain. Bosses stand out as such not only because they’re more powerful – they also happen to have a whole lot of health points, and if you try to focus on them from the start of the boss battle, you will most likely end up getting killed in the end. That said, it’s always good practice to destroy the boss’ troops before they chip away at your health.

11. Get Social

Yes, it is possible to play this game solo and not get your buddies involved in any way, shape, or form. But it’s much better if you connect your game and get your friends to help you out. As you’ll find out soon enough, the game is going to be much harder to play if you play it on your own – with a little (or a lot of) help from your friends, you can get some high-level heroes, more silver, and more fun and progress in the game. The silver you earn won’t just come from your heroes, but also from any heroes on your friends’ rosters that you enlist to help you out.

Don’t be afraid – we guarantee you playing with friends will be much better than playing solo!
For now, these would be our tips and tricks for Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2. In case we discover other hints for the game, we will update this guide with the new tricks!