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World of Warriors: Duel Tips, Cheats & Guide – 4 Hints You Need to Know

Mind Candy’s World of Warriors: Duel is now available for Android and iOS, and this game claims to be an “epic combat and adventure strategy game.” You can build up an army of different warriors, including Romans, Vikings, Samurai, Knights, and many others; your common enemy is the Skull Army, and you can command three unique warriors, “each with different strengths and fighting styles.” There are power-ups you can use to freeze, poison, or blast your enemy, and Mind Candy does promise some new levels set to debut soon.

You probably recognize this game from sometime back, when we shared some beginner World of Warriors tips. But this game is a completely different game from the same series. Keeping that in mind, we have some World of Warriors: Duel tips, cheats and tricks that can also be of great help if you’re a beginner and just discovering this awesome new game.

1. Ready, Steady, Fight

Look out for the three pop-ups that would appear whenever you’re getting ready for a fight. First, you’ll see one that says “Ready,” followed by one that says “Steady,” and finally one that says “Fight.” Start tapping rapidly when the Fight pop-up appears, and if you can, use more than one finger. If you’ve got at least two of your digits ready to tap, you can go further and achieve more in this game.

2. Earn More Coins, Here’s How

You’ll earn more coins as you go farther into the game, even if you weren’t able to beat out your previous record. And we did see more cool stuff pop up every 30 minutes – bonus treasure that you can access faster by replaying a level and losing. Most of the time, this treasure is valued at 500 coins each. Additionally, you can watch ad videos, as doing so will get you a good 250 coins per shot. Or you can let those coins come in organically, as you complete more missions and collect more bonuses.

3. All The Warriors Play The Same

World of Warriors promises a situation where you can control some of the world’s most iconic warriors (e.g. Vikings, Samurai, etc.), but unlike in games like Age of Empires or DomiNations, these warriors don’t have any differences in terms of gameplay. They merely look different from one another, so regardless of which of the 30 you choose to play with, they’ll only look different. Mind Candy is slowly but surely adding more options, so that figure may be in the 40-character mark not too long from now.

4. Take Occasional Breaks

Is this game getting you more fatigued than expected? If it is, we understand. In fact, we suggest resting for about 30 minutes to an hour once you find your game slipping. For many people, this allows them to compose their thoughts and get their reflexes back up to par, so give it a try and don’t push yourself too hard – after all, it’s only a game, isn’t it?