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Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 9 Hints You Never Heard Before

As you probably know, the Ghostbusters film franchise is getting a reboot with an all-female cast of Ghostbusters. That film should be out next year, but before all that, mobile gamers can relive one of the most popular franchises of the ‘80s with Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter. Beeline Interactive describes this iOS-only game as “part puzzler, part card game, part RPG,” and it allows you to collect characters from the classic films (and cartoon series) of the ‘80s, as well as those from spinoff series. You’ll also be dealing with some of the most unforgettable antagonists from the ‘80s movies, and as ghosts are wreaking havoc on New York, there’s no question about whom you’re gonna call.

Going back to the game’s mechanics, this is a hybrid of multiple game types, as mentioned above. You’ve got classic Match 3 gaming, deck building, and role-playing games. And while that could make things complicated for some of you out there, our list of Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter cheats, tips and hints should at least make things a bit easier for you.

1. Have More Than Enough Characters In Your Deck

The more characters you’ve got in your deck, the more likely you are of completing an event and unlocking the characters you really want – the rare ones with higher levels than the common ones that would be available at the start of the game. It’s important to keep this in mind, as you can win more prizes by playing more events; you also should do your best to complete events as quickly as possible so you can end up winning more gold, and purchase more slots so you can add more character slots for your deck.

2. Complete Story Mode For To Get More Rewards

Playing Story Mode will allow you to win several stock rewards, such as one-, two-, and three-star characters and gold. You could also win health packs to heal your injured characters, as well as card packs that may potentially come with a rare character or two that could end up an important member of your team.

3. Make Good Use Of Your Health Packs

Health packs work like energy or lives usually would in mobile games, which means they can return after two hours’ time, or 20 minutes per health pack. If you want to play honest, then you should try your best to plan things out and maximize your health packs, but if you can’t wait for them to regenerate, it’s always an option to try the time-tested time lapse cheat by moving the time on your iPhone or iPad forward.

4. Know Your Characters’ Strengths And Weaknesses

Tactical battles are a key part of Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter. And that means studying each and every one of your characters and finding out what their special skills, strengths, and weaknesses are. For example, you may encounter enemies such as the Boogieman, who is capable of placing Confusion Tiles and throwing you off your game when playing the Match 3 puzzles. You’d want to have characters who can replace Special Tiles thrown by the enemy with standard ones if you’re up against someone like the Boogieman. For another example, you should make sure your team has some characters who can deal out a lot of damage if you’re up against enemy “tanks” – that’s RPG parlance for characters whose main purpose is to absorb a lot of damage due to their high health point ratings.

5. Know Your Special Tiles

So what’s the deal with the special tiles in this game? Just to run things down, there are eight of them, namely Attack, Confusion, Evade, Heal and Steal, Poison, Shield, Strength, and Trap. The Heal and Steal, Poison, and Trap tiles will only be there for a few brief moments; when their timer expires, they’ll be gone from the board after several turns unless you go chase them first. As for Evade, Attack, Shield, and Strength, these are permanent tiles that you can only remove by matching them with at least two others of their kind.

6. Deep-Dive Into Trap And Paralyze

The former tile is quite easy to get rid of, if you come to think about it. You can simply defeat it by matching tiles they’re on or using characters who are able to convert enemy tiles into good ones. Paralyze has a much more devastating effect, as you can’t undo this power. Guard against the possibility of a character matching Paralyze tiles, and if possible, get rid of those characters ASAP, before they are able to find the tiles they need to match.

7. Maximize Assist And Booster Slots

Now in many cases, you really wouldn’t need any slots for Assists and Boosters. But when things become hairier in this game, you’ll want to open as many of these slots as possible. Having three of each could really turn the tide and be the determining factor that could spell the difference between victory and defeat in battle.

8. Be Prudent When Choosing Powers

This is quite an important tip, but the short version of the story is this – make sure you’ve got a well-balanced team, and try your best to deal with the game’s balancing act. You can level up powers up to Level 6, but the thing here is you can only level from 2 to 6, due to each of your characters having three powers. It could be hard to come up with the right mix considering these variables, and you may have to practice at it; but you have to do it sooner or later and ensure your team is balanced.

9. Be Aware That Five-Star Characters Aren’t Always The Best

Too many gamers go for the obvious and try to make their team up of characters with the best possible star ratings. That’s good if you’re looking for individuals, but setting up a team of three requires you to go beyond the obvious, meaning stars and level. Ideally, you want everyone in your team to have skills corresponding to the color tiles on the board.