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Unkilled Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Getting Rid of More Zombies

Madfinger Games’ Unkilled is referred to as “the best-looking zombie shooter ever made for mobile devices.” That’s pretty heady talk, but this is quite a promising title where New York City is the center of a widespread zombie outbreak. You play the role of Joe, a member of the Wolfpack anti-zombie unit, a military group whose goal is to “find, track, and eliminate” the zombie outbreak before it truly becomes a global threat. The game boasts of a whopping 300 missions, various types of enemies and bosses, and over fifty different real-life weapons. And it’s not all zombies out there, as you can also encounter friendly units who can help you survive this ordeal.

Looking for some ways to deal with those zombies quicker and more effectively? You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got some pretty neat Unkilled tips, cheats and strategies that can assist you in containing this zombie outbreak.

1. Shoot The Zombies In The Head

This is something you probably know from most shoot-em-up games – you can kill someone instantly with a headshot. That’s well and good for humans, and that applies too to the undead, as headshots typically kill zombies right away. Headshots also earn you bonus experience, which should give you extra incentive to go for them. Just make sure to switch off automatic fire if you’re going for headshots, as your body shots may inadvertently kill the zombies. That’s a good thing, but of course, there’s nothing better than an instant kill via headshot.

2. Work On The Additional Objectives

All levels in Unkilled have three stars for you to achieve. You automatically get one star for completing a level, and if you want to get the remaining two stars, you’ll have to complete the other objectives; finishing with two or three stars will give you more XP and money. Look at the top left of your screen for a complete list of objectives, so you have an idea of what to do.

3. Make Sure Your Main Weapon Is Upgraded

As we said earlier, there are tons of weapons available in the game, but it’s your primary gun that has to be upgraded regularly. Specific parts of the gun can also be upgraded, allowing you to have better power, accuracy, or whatnot.

4. Let The Z-Indicator Tell You Where The ‘Hidden Zombies’ Are

Sometimes, there would be zombies near you but not exactly visible to you. You’ll be alerted of this when you see a white skull around the crosshair, showing you where the zombie is exactly. A red skull means the zombie is extremely close to you and is poised to sneak up on you and attack. Always look to your sides as you can very easily be sandwiched by two zombies and effectively cornered.

5. Use Your Medikits And Multirockets Only When It’s Necessary

Medikits and multirockets are rather difficult to acquire in Unkilled; you can get them in cards or buy them with the game’s premium currency. That means you should only use them when absolutely necessary, and not if you’ve got banged up only a bit or can easily beat the zombies you’re dealing with in a level.