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Case Clicker Tips, Tricks & Guide: How to Get Souvenirs, Autographs and Sticker Capsules

Case Clicker is that Android and iOS game that’s essentially like Counter-Strike, but not like Counter-Strike – as we said before, you won’t actually be controlling terrorists or counter-terrorists and facing the other group in combat. This game was developed by Hawk Games, which we must stress as the Play Store has a couple copycats with the same title, and it combines the mechanic of arm deal contracts with clicker-type games, and all you’ve got to do is “click, buy keys, and open cases.” And as you may know, we’ve done a couple strategy guides for this game before, touching on a variety of topics.

This time, we’ll be dealing with a couple other things aside from cases you can open – you’d often overlook these things if you’re solely focused on cases. We’re talking about souvenirs, autographs, sticker capsules, and Counterstrike tributes, and these Case Clicker cheats, tips and tricks will help you get them.

1. Get Stickers, Souvenirs And Autographs The Easy Way

You may be wondering where you have to go to get these items, and we’ll be answering this question right now. Simply go to the cases menu, but do not look at the cases – instead, head to the top bar, scroll to the right, and scroll once to reach the collections menu. That contains all the available souvenirs, and once you scroll again, you’ll see the sticker capsules. Scroll yet another time to reach the autographs section.

2. Focus On Upgrades First

Just to set your expectations, you may not have too many of these items unlocked when you first access the above mentioned areas. What you’ll need to do is to focus on your upgrades and keep opening more cases; this allows you to increase your upgrade tier each time you can afford it. As you keep doing this, you’ll have more souvenirs, stickers, and autographs to unlock.

3. Be Aware That Souvenir Packages May Include Rare Weapons

The souvenirs are usually weapons, and pricing may vary – they can range from dirt-cheap to ridiculously premium, based on their rarity. We suggest letting it slide if you get something cheap and common, as souvenir unlocks are one of the better ways to get rare weapons. You’ll need those rare weapons to complete certain missions, so keep on at it and don’t be discouraged if you receive something common.

4. Sticker Capsules Can Also Be Cheap Or Expensive

The same applies to the sticker capsules – they can be common/inexpensive or rare/expensive. Rare ones, of course, are your best bet of getting rare stickers; you’ll have to buy the capsule, then pay a dollar so you can get the key. Keys always cost a dollar regardless of the price of the capsule.

5. Earn Money By Selling Autographs

Last, but not the least, autographs always cost a dollar, but they sell for substantially more than a dollar; usually, you can sell them for about $1.60 to $1.80. You can sell these autographs for a tidy profit and earn a ton of money fast, if you’re all tuckered out from tapping.