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Dungeon Boss Cheats, Tips & Strategies: A Detailed Guide for Mastering the Game

It seems that there’s no short supply of Android and iOS games that have the word “Dungeon” in it, and who can blame those developers? The RPG genre is an extremely popular one in the mobile space. That said, Big Fish’s new game Dungeon Boss allows you to lead your team of powerhouse heroes through heavily armed dungeons, fighting boss battles at each turn. Sounds like an exaggeration? Maybe so, but this is quite a fun take on the dungeon-based RPG, even as you do more of the same – collect heroes to form a team, unlock their special abilities, upgrade them as you go along, and deal with those nasty bosses when you have to.

Whether you’re a newbie to RPG gaming or not, each of these titles are unique from each other, with their own mechanics and quirks. That’s why we’ve come up with a couple of Dungeon Boss cheats, tips and strategies to assist you in learning the ropes if you’re a new player to the game.

1. Know The Elemental Mechanic

Dungeon Boss makes use of a traditional rock-paper-scissors system when it comes to the elemental mechanic. And it’s quite easy to remember – Red beats Green, Green beats Blue, Blue beats Red. And even if you get confused – and you will in the early goings – you can tap on the basic attack icon for each hero on your team and check the arrows. A green arrow means standard damage, two green arrows mean extra damage, and a red arrow means less damage.

2. Be Prudent With Your Special Attacks

All of the special attacks available in the game have their own cool down periods that you’ll have to be aware of. As such, always make sure you’ve got all your special attacks ready before you engage a boss in battle. Keep in mind the number of turns it’ll take for you to get to the boss, and do not use any special attacks when you’re in the final stage before the boss battle. That’s because you may have to use your special attacks more than once when facing the big, bad boss.

3. Don’t Use Your XP Potions Too Early

Occasionally, you may have access to a few rare heroes, which can either be through summoning or by naturally moving forward in the game. This is the best time for you to use those XP potions, which allow your heroes to level up quickly. In addition, you may want to test them out by grinding previous stages so you can max them out.

4. Replay Completed Stages

Speaking of grinding, which refers to the process of replaying already-completed stages, preferably with your characters more powerful than they were when you first played the stage, that’s what you should do regularly in this game. You want all of your team members, common or rare, to be performing at maximum level. In order to ensure this, you’ll want to revisit those older stages so you can level them up and acquire more resources and hero shards.

5. Keep Grinding Ad Nauseam

Well, not really ad nauseam. But we divided the “grind” tip into two for a reason. Before we explain the reason behind this, we should let you know that you should click on each hero so you can see how many stars they have, and which stages you should replay. These are the stages that drop tokens that increase the heroes’ star ratings. Focus on those stages alone, and grind them tens, or even hundreds of times. It may eventually get tedious and boring, but it’ll pay off in the end.

6. Don’t Overuse Your Potions

Going back to the “don’ts” in this game, this is another big one to keep in mind. Don’t, and we repeat don’t, use your potions the moment your heroes are even just mildly injured in battle. The only time you should go ahead and use your potions is if you’re in a dungeon’s final stage and in a bit of a pickle. You’ll need all your health in these situations if you know you have a good chance to beat the boss, if only you had enough health. But if you’re about to beat the boss and in relatively good health, go save those potions.

7. What Can You Use The Hammers For?

You may be wondering what’s the deal with the hammers. After all, Big Fish didn’t say much about them, if at all, in the tutorial portions of the game. Still, you’ve got to try to collect each hammer you see, as you’ll use them to upgrade your base once you’re at Level 10. Hammers will also allow you to unlock Dungeon Boss’ player-vs-player mode.

8. Level Up Your Abilities

Each time you gain in level, you’ll want to level up whatever abilities you have, and save up some gold for ascending new heroes. This will unlock new abilities, which you can then max out, as long as you can afford it.

9. Focus On Attacking The Weakest Enemies

As it is in other RPGs, your main goal is to dispose of all the enemies ASAP. The best, and smartest way to do this is to focus on the weakest ones in the lot, and the ones who are closest to dying.

10. Get Some Help From Your Friends

Yes indeed, this is one of those games where the social element is very important. In Dungeon Boss, it will really do good to get by with a little help from your friends. Tap on the “friend” button so you can enlist one of their heroes to assist you in battle. You can view your friends’ heroes and their special skills so that way, you can be sure you’re choosing the best one to bring with you to battle. There are limits, though, and that’s using only one friend’s hero per dungeon and only using that friend’s hero once per day without charge. This makes it important to stock up on friends when playing Dungeon Boss.