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World Chef Tips, Tricks & Guide for Making Your Tiny Restaurant World-Class

Social Point’s immersive mobile title, World Chef, is a “game so mouth-watering you should probably play with a bib on.” Do we agree with that? As of now, we can say this iOS title is a pretty good restaurant simulator game, one where you can cook world cuisines and build and decorate the place to your taste. Yes, that sounds similar to the things you can do in other restaurant simulators, like Restaurant Story 2 or Chef Town, same with the premise – you start out with a tiny restaurant and keep moving up in the business as you keep cooking good food and attracting loyal customers. There’s also a social element here where you can trade recipes with other World Chef players and buy and sell items at the market.

If you look solely at the game’s story, you may notice that it isn’t really that much different from other games in its genre. But it does come with its own share of twists and fairly unique dynamics, and that’s where we come in. With the help of our exclusive World Chef strategy guide, you can make that small restaurant of yours a five-star restaurant much faster than you normally would, cooking better meals and attracting more famous diners to your doors.

1. Keep Yourself Busy, But Be Organized

At first, you’ll only have a small sampling of dishes to cook; everything will be nice and leisurely at first with so little to do. But over time, you’ll find the number of dishes increasing rapidly, and you may find yourself in over your head if you don’t anticipate this. What you can do to avoid getting overwhelmed is to make sure you’re always cooking something, and that you’re cooking stuff in an organized way.

For example, you might want to start out with the bread for your burgers – the very basic dishes, if you can even call them dishes – once you log in to the game. Collect some servings, then move on to the dishes that take more time. And before you leave the game or head off to bed, that’s when you can work on the dishes that take a while to complete. When you return to World Chef, those dishes will be complete, just like that.

2. Have An Ample Supply Of Ingredients

You may not need all ingredients all of the time, but you should be prepared at all times and have your ingredients amply stocked. We would recommend having about three or four of each ingredient (at least) in case you might find yourself suddenly needing them. Keep stocking ingredients as long as your inventory can allow it.

3. How To Get More Diamonds

Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, and you can use them to purchase additional cooking slots as your restaurant grows. Completing the achievements, which is normally done as you naturally progress through the game, is definitely the best way in which you can earn more diamonds for free.

4. Have A Plan For Your Restaurant Operations

Working fast and furious with little method to the madness is all well and good in the early goings. Dishes are very easy to prepare and it won’t take you long to serve your customers. But planning will become important when you move on to the more complex dishes, the ones that will make you a good amount of money, the ones customers will want to buy.

Make sure that you’ve regularly got ample supply of your basic ingredients and dishes, but also work toward preparing more complex dishes. As we said earlier, add cooking slots by paying diamonds; the grill is most advisable to buy first, as the AI character manning the grill seems to be, hmmmm, how shall we put this, rather incompetent.

5. How To Make The Most Out Of The Market

While pricing is often on the premium side in the market, it’s not a bad idea to go there and buy some products, especially the rarer ones. Be sure to check the prices so you know you’re not getting suckered into a bad deal.

However, the catch here is that you can’t just turn customers away from your restaurant; that’s bad business. And you might have to make a trip to the market to get rid of those customers in case an order doesn’t go exactly as planned. But customers won’t leave or won’t take their disgust out on you in the event of a bad order. You can always take your time and prepare the food on your own.

Additionally, you can sell excess food at the market, or create hard-to-prepare dishes and sell them at the market for a high price. That’s a good way for any player to earn more money quickly and manage their inventory properly, preventing it from overflowing.

6. Both Dish And Ingredient Storage Must Be Upgraded

Speaking of inventory, that’s what we will be talking about next – storage for keeping your ingredients. There are several items you can use to increase ingredient storage, as well as dish storage, and you can get these items by cooking dishes and serving them to your customers. This may result in random item drops.

Many players tend to focus on upgrading inventory storage, but some believe dish storage may be best upgraded first. That’s especially true if the requirements call for some common items, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t neglect either ingredient or dish storage when it comes to storage upgrades.

7. Be Aware That Restaurants Don’t Become Great Overnight

That’s right – great five-star restaurants are a lot like Rome, as they weren’t built in a day. You may be thinking of playing the game as much as possible so you can fast-track the growth of your restaurants, but if you come to think of it, it’s best to go through the different stages of growth until you’ve got a world-class restaurant in World Chef. Even if the above tips can help you advance faster, it’s still going to be a long, arduous road towards greatness in the restaurant space.