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BLEACH Brave Souls Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints to Dominate

KLab Global’s new iOS game BLEACH Brave Souls is based on the popular manga and anime Bleach, and it also happens to be the first official mobile game ever based on the series. As you may have been expecting, this game will give you a chance to build a team with your favorite Bleach characters (whether you’re familiar with the series or not), and unleash each team member’s unique special moves to get an advantage over the enemy. One key selling point of the game is that the special moves are voiced by the talents from the original anime, and it’s also possible to make a team of three characters that wasn’t possible in the original story. There’s also more than enough in this game for those who enjoy social, multiplayer, and PvP aspects of mobile gaming.

Of course, there’s more about this game that we can tell you about, but we might as well stop there and have you check out the rest of this article. That’s because this is our BLEACH Brave Souls strategy guide that you can refer to any time you feel stuck somewhere in the game, or if you’re simply new and want to know more about what it takes to succeed in here.

1. Complete Levels With Three-Stars

This may seem like a rather simplistic thing to tell you, but it does make sense in this context – when playing BLEACH Brave Souls, you want to aim for a perfect three stars whenever possible. Earning one star means you had merely completed the level. Two stars means you’ve completed one of the two optional conditions, while three stars means you’ve completed both of them. Usually, these conditions would be completing a level within a specific amount of time, or finishing it without any of your team members getting killed in battle. Each star earns you a Spirit Orb which you can use to summon more allies, so regardless of the level, keep reaching for the stars – three stars, that is!

As for the Spirit Orbs, you can also win them in events, but you wouldn’t want to use them to facilitate quickie shortcuts; use them for more characters, and use them prudently.

2. Follow The Orders

What “orders” are we referring to here? In simple terms, these are your quests, and you’ll find them on the left side of the game’s main menu. They are purely optional, but by completing them and fulfilling whatever is required, you can earn rewards such as coins, soul tickets, and lots more. Orders are divided into daily, weekly, free, and event categories, and regularly refresh once you’re able to complete them.

3. Use The Dodge Roll

When enemies are preparing to launch their attacks, you’ll see a red light flashing around them. That’s your cue to use you dodge roll and avoid that opposing attack. Launch two attacks of your own, and just as the enemy is flashing red, hit the dodge roll by swiping on your screen. It may sound easy to do, but you may need to practice it a bit if you want to complete a level with as little damage as possible.

4. Remember The Elemental Hierarchy

BLEACH Brave Souls, like many other games of this nature, has an elemental system, with each character having a specific alignment that’s strong against one element but weak against another. Red beats green, green beats blue, and blue beats red – it’s classic rock, paper, scissors hierarchy for three out of the five elements. Purple and orange, which are the other two elemental affinities, beat each other. Check the stage select screen to see which element your enemies are aligned to, and set your game plan accordingly by bringing characters whose elements are strong against the enemy’s.

5. About The Soul Tree And How You Can Use It

All characters in BLEACH Brave Souls has a soul tree assigned to them; this is a sphere-shaped grid that allows your characters to get permanent stat boosts. And if you want to unlock more nodes on a character’s soul tree, you will require power crystals for that. You can get power crystals in the levels, generally by destroying any object in your sight and killing not just most of the enemies, but all of them.

6. Use Unneeded Characters To Augment The Ones You Like

You will, on occasion, receive extra characters that you won’t need at all, or you may have existing characters that you no longer need. Once you believe it’s time to put them out to pasture, you can sacrifice them in order to power up a character you actually like, or a rare one that plays a vital role on your team – this process is known as augmentation. It gives the target character a ton of experience, and consequently levels them up quicker. If you’ve got surplus characters, make the most out of them and go for augmentation!

This is our complete guide for BLEACH Brave Souls. We will update this guide, whenever we come up with new tips and tricks for the game, so be sure to check back!