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Chef Town Cheats & Hints: 5 Tips You Never Heard Before

Chef Town is a mobile title by Nanobit Games, which is similar to titles like ChefVille, as it allows you to manage your own restaurant. In terms of its basic genre, it’s a time management mobile-game for iOS and Android devices. In the beginning you are starting out with a tiny restaurant with just one soup stove and two tables, but as you progress in the game, you’ll be getting a chance to expand your restaurant, cook more food, and add more seats. Chef Town comes with its share of special features that set it apart from other restaurant games, and hundreds of different recipes and ingredients. So now that you know the basics of this title, let’s get you started with some useful Chef Town cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Make Sure Your Food Is Easy To Cook

Yes, it’s all well and good to aim to cook ambitious meals for your customers, but it would be more effective to focus on easy-to-cook recipes. For example, onion soup is an extremely easy recipe, both in-game and in real life, and you’ll want to prioritize offering multiple servings of such recipes, then follow up by stacking new meals over the old ones.

2. Expand Your Restaurant

It’s as simple as buying more walls and more tiles, and preparing to do this when you notice your restaurant is drawing more customers. To this end, feel free to expand your restaurant to the grassy areas of the game, and adding more tables, more chairs, and more stoves. And if you’ve yet to achieve enough cooking stars to justify an expansion, go back to the first tip and focus on more of the same meal, as long as it’s easy to cook.

3. See Your Quests Through And Complete Them

This probably goes without saying, but we’re mentioning it anyway, as finishing quests will give you more gems, or the premium in-game currency. Finishing quests and leveling up will both allow you to unlock additional premium items, but when choosing these items, we’d suggest going for those that have a recommendation.

4. Run An Organized, If Not Orderly Restaurant

What we mean to say here is setting things up in your Chef Town restaurant in a way that’s ergonomically beneficial in the game. Tables and chairs need to be as close to your kitchen appliances as possible, as this would reduce the time it takes for waiters to serve their customers. No, it won’t look pretty in a real-life situation if your tables are all extremely close to each other, but even if it doesn’t exactly look orderly, it does satisfy the requirements and goals of the game, which should be what really matters in Chef Town.

5. Set Up Complicated Recipes Before Bedtime

Since you obviously cannot stay glued to your mobile device forever, and since everybody needs a break from Chef Town once in a while, you’ll want to plan your more intricate recipes, meaning the ones that take several hours to complete, by scheduling them right before you go to bed.

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