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Smash Champs Cheats: 5 Amazing Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Looking for a casual game with a twist that doesn’t just run on Android, but also on iOS devices? If your answer is yes, then you might want to try Smash Champs. The game was designed by Kiloo, which is the same company behind Subway Surfers, and while it does involve training your characters and unlocking new ones, parts of the gameplay is very reminiscent of an all-time casual classic, Fruit Ninja. But it goes beyond reminding mobile gamers of a classic, as the training aspect of the game has its own special twists and variations. Now, let’s take a look at a couple of useful Smash Champs cheats and tips we’ve come up with to help you rise up the ranks as a top-notch trainer.

1. Understand The Elemental System

It’s just like rock-paper-scissors, and it’s very simple once you’ve gotten the hang of it – earth goes over fire, fire beats shadows, and shadows defeat earth. It won’t be the game-defining element in a fight, but sometimes it would, and that’s why you should keep in mind elemental strengths weaknesses, and which element is capable of beating another.

2. It All Comes Down To The Numbers

There are three metrics to keep in mind when Smash Champs determines who wins a battle – base power (visible through the main menu and contingent on a champ’s level and his equipment), training results, and elemental weaknesses. Yes, it’s numbers and not everyone is good with numbers, but take this as an example – your champ’s base power is listed at 10, you score 175 in training, and you get 10 to 15 additional power by working on your foe’s elemental weakness. That’ll give you a total score of 195 to 200, and you’ll find yourself winning the battle if your opponent doesn’t exceed that number.

3. Unlock A Champ From Each Elemental Category

You’ll be taking on challenges at random, so you won’t really be able to tell whether your opponent will be strong or weak in fire, earth, or shadows. But when it comes to unlocking monsters, you should always strive to have all three elements represented. That way, you’ll have just the right champion for the right type of opponent when playing Smash Champs.

4. Focus On Straight Slashes During The Training Mini-Game

See, this is where the Fruit Ninja comparisons come in. The training mini-game is, despite its being a mini-game, integral to Smash Champs, so this is something you’ll have to take seriously. Straight slashes will earn you the most points in training, and give you more chances of scoring on combo bonuses. And if we should remind you again, your training score makes up the bulk of your total score/attack power in battle.

5. Keep On Slashing When Push Comes To Shove

Although, it’s best to be clean and precise, sometimes you’ll simply have no choice but to slash anything and everything that comes in your way, except for the bombs, of course. Try your best to hit all the fruit, as once again, the training mini-game is not your typical quick diversion in between rounds or battles.