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Hello Hero Cheats: 6 Awesome Tips & Strategies Every Player Should Know

Hello Hero is an exciting mobile game by Fincon for iOS and Android devices, which is described as a social RPG that “packs a punch.” In all, you’ll have more than 300 different heroes to choose from, all with their own (often) unusual skills, and when we say unusual, we mean unusual. You’ll have the chance to play 200 missions on 20 continents, battling against the bad guys in story mode, or challenging your friends in the arena. For those who are just starting out, and even for those who’ve been playing the game for a while, we’ve compiled a list of Hello Hero cheats, tips and tricks, that you can check out after the jump.

1. Acquire Rare Heroes

Because they are just that – they’re rare, and they’ll do you better in battle than your more common characters. These heroes have two, three, and four stars, and if you find yourself with a chance to acquire one of them, don’t hesitate to dump one of your common heroes. After that, go back to a stage you had already completed and mastered so you can give your new hero some experience points and help level him up. It’s also a good idea to sacrifice extra common heroes to upgrade your rare ones.

2. Place Your Heroes With The Most Hit Points Upfront During Battle

During battle you’ll want to have your two heroes with the most hit points up front, and everyone else in the back row. You should also bear in mind that every hero would be allowed one weapon and one piece of armor – you can either use your honor points to purchase these items, or pick up anything dropped in combat.

3. Complete Quests To Get More Carats

Carats are the premium currency used in Hello Hero, and if you want to earn them without having to pay, it’ll be just as simple as completing more quests. You can also earn carats by taking part in arena fights – the more wins you have in arena battle, the more carats you’ll earn, and the higher you’ll be in the rankings. Also, new players will automatically be given free carats by entering the starter pack promo codes, or by giving the name of the person who referred them to Hello Hero.

4. Always Be On The Lookout For Power-Ups

These could include the ability to automatically finish a battle (level 3 onwards), or have it go at double-time. Aside from that, you can unlock the ability to go on time attack mode. We just enumerated a few of the special areas and power-ups available to you in the game, so always be vigilant and always be ready to unlock something new.

5. Spend Your Carats And Coins Wisely

Just because you’ve amassed a whole lot of carats and coins doesn’t mean you have to use them right away. In the grand scheme of things, it will be easy to earn regular and premium currency alike, but you may be better off saving things for something you’ll really need once you level up and progress further into the game.

6. Have At Least One Healer In Your Team

In the course of battle, your heroes will definitely suffer their share of injuries, and to avoid one of them dying on you unexpectedly, you’ll need at least one healer in your team. It may even be a good idea to have two, especially when it comes to more challenging battles.