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Micromon Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Useful Tips to Build the Perfect Lineup of Monsters

If you’re an iOS mobile gamer, then consider yourself lucky, as that’s the only platform Pocket Trend’s Micromon is currently available on. As the name may suggest, it’s a monster capture/monster training RPG, and it takes you to the massive world of Pixekai. You’ll have more than 130 monsters to train and a number of missions to undertake, with the ultimate goal to “uncover and foil the plans of an evil, secret organization” within Pixekai. Yes, it’s very much influenced by Pokemon, but even if you’re familiar with Pokemons (may it be the games, the monsters, or even the animated series), we’ve come up with a list of Micromon cheats, tips and strategies that can help you move forward in the game.

1. Know How The Elements Work

It’s a bit more complicated than rock-paper-scissors, as there are five elements in all – Fire, Water, Wind, Mineral, and Normal. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wind, Wind beats Water, Water beats Mineral, Mineral beats Wind. As you may have noticed, Normal isn’t included in the equation, as Normal monsters on Micromon don’t have any specific elemental strengths or weaknesses.

2. Make Sure You Have A Couple Of Fast Monsters In Your Team

Aside from the fact that they’re fast, what do these monsters do? In Micromon, you’ll want to have a couple of fast monsters (speed of 4 or higher) in your team, because speed would occasionally allow them to pull off consecutive attacks in battle. Fast monsters would also be more likely to heal themselves while fighting.

3. Look Out For A Sleeping Micromon

Be on the lookout for some Z’s while in the tall grass area. That means the Micromon is sleeping , and practically inviting you to take him out. Of course, he’ll wake up eventually, but if you notice a sleeping Micromon, don’t pass it up – this would be your chance to take him out while he’s resting, and catch him unawares.

4. Always Monitor Your Monsters’ Stamina

Why is this important? It’s simple – some attacks would require a certain number of stamina points, and you’ll want to conserve this statistic by changing up your attacks. Sometimes you can use simpler attacks to do the job, while other times you may have to resort to powerful elemental moves.

5. Meet New Creatures To Add Their Information To Your Database

No, you don’t need to beat a monster in order to add it to your database – encountering them is enough to have their data collected on your database.

6. Look For Luke If You Need Some Rare Micromon

There’s a character in the game named Luke, and in the “hidden memory space deep within the mainframe’s memory,” he’s found some unique and/or premium Micromon. You’ll normally encounter him once you’ve beaten a legion member, so don’t pass up the chance to have him point you the way to some higher-quality monsters.

7. Not All Monsters Are Worth Capturing

One statistic you also have to keep tabs on is DR, or Development Rate. If this figure is low for a certain monster, that’s your cue not to capture it or train it, as low DRs means that the monster would develop slowly. Anything lower than 5 is considered a low DR.