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Soul Hunters Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Soul Hunters, an epic new mobile RPG developed by Lilith Games, is currently available for iOS devices only. The game, which is described as a hero collection RPG, promises you thrilling strategic battles, as it combines real-time strategy and multiplayer dungeon raiding elements. As for the story, your job is to unite a cast of heroes to break the dark curse cast upon the kingdoms of the in-game world. You’ll be reclaiming Soulstones corrupted by evil as you seek to become the “Ultimate Soul Hunter.” So how can you do this, or at least get started towards this goal? Head over to our compilation of Soul Hunters cheats, tips and hints and we’ll tell you how to get off to the right start.

1. Check Your Mailbox Regularly

Want more free goodies in Soul Hunters? It’s very easy, as all you have to do is regularly check your mailbox. We suggest checking at least once a day – not only will you win yourself some neat bonuses, you’ll also learn about special events that could get you even more rewards. As a bonus tip, you’ll want to log in every day so you can get Gold Chests for free, and you can also use Midas Touch Daily to efficiently gather more gold.

2. Play The Heroic Chapters

There’s a lot about this game that revolves around gathering Soulstones. And if you’re having trouble getting them, you may want to play Heroic Chapters. These chapters are a fantastic way to fast-track your search for Soulstones, so you’ll want to play them in order to progress faster and gather more stones.

3. Get More Diamonds And Gold, Here’s How

Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, and in order for you to get more of them, you’ll want to complete the daily quests. Aside from diamonds, these quests can net you experience for your party. And while we told you earlier about the use of Midas Touch Daily, another great way to earn more gold would be to clear the Crucible of Fire.

4. Create Rare / Special Items By Combining Item Fragments

It couldn’t be more simple. Combining item fragments allows you to make yourself new items that aren’t just rarer and more unique compared to the usual ones you’ll find, but are also more powerful.

5. Fuse Your Heroes To Make Them More Powerful

As a hallmark feature on most RPGs, fusing heroes allows you to make good use of the heroes you don’t need, by sacrificing them toward a more powerful hero, for his/her benefit. By fusing two heroes together, you can give their stats a nice boost and also allow them to be equipped with more items.

6. Replay Missions

Grinding, or repeating previously played and completed missions, usually comes in handy for those who want to earn more equipment, gold, and experience points. You can do that in Soul Hunters, as you replay the missions you’ve already completed so you can earn yourself more loot.