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Subway Surfers Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips You Need to Know

Subway Surfers is a mobile game by Kiloo, that you can play regardless of whether you own an Android or an iOS device. In essence, this is an endless runner type of game where your goal is to avoid oncoming trains, and help Jake, Tricky, and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. The game also promises colorful and vivid HD graphics as you and your crew grind trains, and in here you can make use of several power-ups, including a paint-powered jetpack. Now, that you know what the game is about in a nutshell, let’s bring you some Subway Surfers cheats and tips for newcomers looking to improve their scores.

1. Multipliers Matter

If your goal in this game is to trump the high score of your friends, or to outdo your own personal best, you have to keep a close eye on your multiplier. This figure will be set at x1 when you start playing Subway Surfers, but each mission you complete will give you a permanent increase of one, until your multiplier reaches x30.

2. What Missions Will You Be Undertaking?

The missions in Subway Surfers run the gamut, but they include collecting a certain number of coins, achieving a certain number of jumps, collecting certain power-ups, and more. Click on the Missions button on the top part of the main menu to see which missions are currently active.

3. Prioritize Coin Magnet And Jet Pack When Upgrading

Of course, you want to pay attention to your power-ups if you’re trying to beat your score or someone else’s, and when it comes to upgrades, you want to upgrade the Coin Magnet and Jet Pack before anything else. The former power-up collects any coins you run into, even if not in your lane, while the latter allows you to “fly” above the course. These will be the most useful in helping you ace the earlier missions in the game. And when your multiplier is closer to the 30x mark, that’s when you can upgrade your 2X Multiplier for even higher scores; this multiplier increases your current one by twofold, thus making 30x into 60x tops.

4. Spend Your Money On Hoverboards

When spending money in Subway Surfers, it’s best if you spend those coins on hoverboards. You can also win them in prize boxes if you don’t want to spend so many coins. These hoverboards are good for 30 seconds, and their main purpose is to allow you to keep on going even if you bump into an object. And since there are a lot of obstacles you and your crew can come in contact with, more hoverboards is always better – say, somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 to 900.

5. Collect Keys

Aside from hoverboards, you can also make use of keys so that you can stay alive even if you hit an object. You’ll find them in mystery boxes, win them in weekly missions and occasionally run into them in the courses.

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