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Barn Voyage Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Fantastic Farming Tips You Need to Know

In the spirit of all-time classics like Farmville, iOS game Barn Voyage is a farming simulator game. Basically, you’ll be responsible for your grandfather’s farm, and you’ll get your chance to grow vegetables and fruits and raise farm animals like you would in other similar titles. It’s just as simple as that, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of things, managing your farm requires the right strategy. That’s why we’re here, as we’ve come up with some fantastic Barn Voyage cheats and tips to help you run the perfect farm and make your grandpa proud.

1. Focus On The Mandatory Quests

You can choose to focus on your farming, or you can choose to focus on quests. We suggest the latter, because quests are there to guide you on the right path in Barn Voyage. They’ll also allow you to grow new produce and animals and make new recipes, not to mention take on additional quests. Finishing a mandatory quest will allow you to level up and get new items for more effective and efficient farming.

2. Upgrade Your Fields For More Crops, More Recipes

Whenever you could, make sure that you’re upgrading your fields and making them larger. With more space comes more room to plant those crops. And with more crops, you get the materials you need for recipes. Lastly, completing recipes can help you do other things in the game, for example, producing feed for your livestock.

3. Don’t Pass Up Board Orders

We often give this advice when it comes to ostensibly optional mini-games. As far as Barn Voyage goes, this would mean board orders. You may not be on a quest, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore board orders, especially if you’ve got some extra crops or food. Completing these orders will give you additional coins and experience points, so there is something to get out of them.

4. Set Up A Market Stand And Sell Your Rarer Items There

Once you’ve got yourself a market stand, you’ll want to take stock of the rare items you have, and sell them off at a tidy profit. Your rare, high-priced items will be most likely to be purchased by townsfolk who pass by your market stand.

5. Prioritize Clovers For Animal Feed

As clovers are extremely cheap (2 coins) to plant, it’s that plant you’ll want to have a lot of if you’re looking to have more animal feed early on. There are other plants available early on, such as raspberries and tomatoes, but clovers are the most cost-efficient plant out there, and the best way to produce more animal feed.

6. Feed Your Animals Regularly

Think of it as the food chain at work. Clovers and other plants can be converted into animal feed. Animal feed, of course, goes to the animals, who would then produce ingredients for more advanced recipes. So with the above tip to produce more feed cost-efficiently, it shouldn’t be a problem to produce animal feed and have enough for all livestock in your farm. For example, well-fed cows can give you the ingredients you need for a Yogurt Machine.