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Heroes Charge Tips & Strategies: 5 Essential Tricks to Vanquish Your Enemies

Yes, we’ve got more mobile RPGs and more tips to share with you, and the latest RPG we shall be looking at is Heroes Charge. This game, which is developed by UCool, is a typical mobile role-playing title, where you gather and train heroes and fight either in mission/quest mode or in the arena. Of course, there are some differences between Heroes Charge and other mobile RPGs, and for one, this title lets you choose from over 50 heroes with different skills, and collect equipment sets that give your heroes what they need to vanquish their enemies. Now, if you’re looking to do that in the most effective way possible, we’d like you to check out our collection of Heroes Charge tips and strategies.

1. Collect Equipment And Make Your Team Stronger

Equipment sets are what your heroes need to make themselves a stronger team. And when talking about equipment, you should gather whatever you can from defeated monsters. Also be sure you’re checking on what certain pieces of equipment can do, instead of blindly outfitting them to any hero on your team.

2. Promote Heroes And Level Them Up

If you notice your heroes suddenly appearing a bit rusty in battle, then that might be a sign you need to promote them. Once you promote a hero, that gives them additional skills and powers. But how do you promote? Simply ensure your hero has all six equipment slots filled; once they do, that means they’re ready to be promoted.

3. Open Bonus Chests Every Day

For each consecutive day you play Heroes Charge, you’ll get one bonus chest for signing in. With each passing day, the rewards will get more and more enticing, but if you fail to login for just one day, you’ll be back to zero and back to more basic rewards the next day. You’ll have to find a way to play Heroes Charge for at least a couple minutes a day if you want to get the most out of your daily bonuses.

4. Increase Your Heroes’ Skills

Be sure to do this once your team level has hit 3. Once this happens, go into the status screens of your team members, go to the skills button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and level ‘em up. Again, if your heroes aren’t regularly leveled up, they’ll inevitably fail you once you reach more difficult levels.

5. Take Advantage Of Your Heroes’ Super Skills

There is a wide range of special or super skills available in Heroes Charge, and each hero you add to your team will have one of them. In order for your heroes to use their special skills, their energy has to be charged fully, and that can be done by dealing out, or receiving damage from your foes. Be conscious of each of your heroes’ super skills, and keep in mind what they do so you can come up with a more balanced team whose members’ super skills complement each other.