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Fish Out of Water! Cheats: 5 Excellent Tips to Improve Your High Score

Halfbrick Studios, the same company that gave us Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has an exciting iOS and Android game geared toward the younger set, but playable and quite addictive for anybody of any age. Fish out of Water! puts you in control of six “feisty fish” (though not all of them are fish) that can jump out of the water as the Crab Crew gives them scores ranging from 0 to 10. You can compete against yourself, meaning try to beat your high score, or compete with friends. And as you progress through levels, you’ll be able to unlock crystals and get yourself some power-ups. So if you’re as ready as we are, let’s move on to our collection of Fish out of Water! cheats and tips to help you get the perfect 10.

1. Know The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Fish

Fish out of Water! has a total of six characters with their own strong and weak points. For example, Finlay (the dolphin) is a great leaper, but can’t really be trusted when skipping. Micro (the whale) can travel a great distance but doesn’t skip much either. Rocket, on the other hand, is an ideal fish for skipping, and so are Errol and the brothers. And if you want a fish that’s as balanced as they get, that will be Olympus.

2. Know The Crab Crew As Well

Just as each sea creature has distinct strengths and weaknesses, each of the five judges, or Crab Crew members, has their own tendencies. Distance Dorothy, as her name implies, prefers long distance leaps. Skippy Steve is partial toward the number of skips, though his judgment may depend on the weather. Reasonable Re is the balanced crab, taking all factors into consideration. Then you’ve got the opposites – Hard to Please Harwood criticizes just about anything. Nice Natalie, on the other hand, is almost sure to give you a higher score than you possibly deserve.

3. Keep In Mind That Weather Conditions Affect Gameplay

Weather will play a big part in how your fishes behave when leaping. In Fish out of Water!, snow allows you to skip higher due to the ice in the water. Rain and lightning makes the waves rougher, and while it affects skipping, it helps you time your leaps better. Sunshine means you’ll be dealing with jellyfish – jump over one and you’ll get a great bounce. Lastly, volcano sun gives your jumps added fuel. Weather changes on an hourly basis, so do keep that in mind as well when playing this game.

4. Level Up Properly

Aside from getting a perfect score, you also have to choose the right fish for the right task; your tasks can be viewed by clicking on the flag on the bottom right of your screen.

5. Choose The Best Charm Combinations

You’ll get to collect tail and body crystals in four different colors for each, so with that in mind, we would suggest going for the Red Charm (red tail/red body) to give you an additional 75 meters for the next jump or throw, or the Crimson Charm (black tail/red body) for an additional 100 meters. The Orange Charm (yellow tail/red body) gives you an automatic 10/10 from Harwood. Also, if you want more skips, the Navy Charm (black tail/blue body) is best as it’ll give you a good 30 bonus skips for your next throw.