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Swamp Attack Cheats: 7 Stunning Tips & Tricks to Defend Your Cottage

Swamp Attack is an immersive mobile game by Outfit7, which adds a new twist to the usual tower defense game. Instead of a literal tower, you’ll be defending your own swamp shack from animals gone crazy, and by that, Outfit7 means you’ll have to be on the lookout for evil zombie critters. It’s a free-to-play iOS and Android title with some in-app purchases, which comes with a total of 78 levels, four episodes, and a quick mission for instant action. Players also get a choice of over 10 weapons, such as a shotgun, a minigun, and even an atom bomb to defend their home from over 15 different animals. With all that said, let’s move on to our compilation of Swamp Attack cheats, tips and tricks that could help you bolster your defense and defeat the zombie critters.

1. Complete Levels To Unlock New Weapons

You don’t need to shell out a single cent to unlock new weapons. All you have to do is complete levels; it’s more organic like that, and it doesn’t let you part with your in-game or real-life money in any way.

2. Use The Shotgun For Multi-Kills

At the start of Swamp Attack, all players will begin with a shotgun. But this isn’t your average stock weapon that’s pretty much useless when compared to others. While it is an entry-level weapon, the shotgun can be used to make multi-kills – all you have to do is aim at the middle of the pack. But you won’t be tapping on a monster, but rather in the air, as this would give you a better chance of downing more enemies.

3. Don’t Try To Kill The Critters One By One

This is in relation to the above tip – focusing on one monster at a time will have the pack defeating you and taking over your swamp shack, so always make sure you’re trying to kill as many monsters as possible at the same time.

4. Upgrade Weapons, But Refrain From Buying Explosives

Explosives are cool, but at the end of the day, it’s still a sounder strategy to focus on upgrading your weapons. It’s those guns that will help you most against the monsters, so upgrade whatever you have and ensure a balance between damage and clip size. As for explosives, there’s no harm in buying them, but you’ll want to save them for when you need them the most.

5. Kill Smartly

Here’s an example to take into consideration when it comes to killing monsters smartly. Raccoons should be killed off before they reach your defenses and explode; we advise going for raccoons in the back and bypassing the closest raccoon if you’re not able to take it out in time.

6. Reload Your Weapons Properly

Shooting before fully reloading would reset the process and put you back to square one. That means you should let your character reload one bullet, and only fire after the bullet has been reloaded.

7. Replay Levels

Yes, there is a good argument for replaying levels you’ve already completed. This would allow you to earn more money for an upgrade, or to add to your weapons and explosives. The only other option to this end is to spend real cash, but since we wouldn’t want you to do this, we definitely suggest replaying completed levels instead.


Saturday 5th of November 2022

What's the best way to deal with the fish?

Polach Gabriele

Saturday 25th of July 2020

Ich habe 3500 Punkte. Mir kommt vor das viele Spieler unbegrenzte Munition haben Und auch mehr rüber schießen!! Und nicht einmal ein Leben verlieren. Wie kann das funktionieren??


Thursday 6th of December 2018

Multiplayer. People with alot of points always win. It seems as if they have unlimited ammo or can collect nore then 30 eggs. Wth is going on here