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Green Planet: Clean Up Quest Cheats – 5 Essential Tips You Should Know

Green Planet: Clean Up Quest is a puzzle game that will test your reflexes as you try to cure the “strange sickness” corrupting the land and “revive the world’s green plants and cute root creatures.” You’ll be given different puzzles with each round, and your objective is to turn the tiles to green by making cube combinations or combos of the same color. Along the way, you’ll also get some power-up items that will make your work a lot easier if you use them correctly. It’s simple, addictive fun, and it comes with some cute graphics that should appeal especially to young players, but to anyone in general. And now we’ve collected a few Green Planet: Clean Up Quest cheats, tips and hints that could help you get those high scores and three-star levels right off the bat.

1. Don’t Settle For Squares

The game will eventually show you how to make combos, but when the levels get tougher, you’ll want to focus on creating combos of five or more cube. When you form a square with four cubes of the same color, that clears any other adjacent cubes of the same color as well, thus allowing you to hit combos of well more than ten cubes if the placing is right.

2. Know What Your Item Cubes Can Do

Item cubes are your power-ups in Green Planet: Clean Up Quest, and each of them have their own special capabilities. Fire cubes shoot fire from all directions, and are designed mainly to take out monsters. The green item cube clears out any purple (or contaminated) title that’s above or to the left or right of it and turns it green. These are the most common that you’ll find in the game, and arguably the most useful on the majority of levels. There are, in fact, levels where you have to clear up land using nothing but item cubes.

3. Buy Yourself Additional Time With The Time Cube

Once you see the item cube with a timer on it, work on creating squares or combos (preferably squares for simplicity) so you can clear it and buy yourself some additional time. When you get to Level 15 or so, you’ll realize how important time is when the levels get challenging.

4. Earn Acorns, Here’s How

That’s simply by clearing more and more levels with three stars – anything less won’t earn you any acorns. Acorns are the game’s premium currency and you’ll use this to buy power-ups and other items, and while you’ll get one acorn per three-star level, you can only earn it once per level – replays don’t count here!

5. Work On Eliminating The Trees As Soon As Possible

The pumpkin monsters don’t “attack” – they just stay put and make it harder for you to make combos. The trees, however, move whenever you see arrows next to them, and work to block your path and thwart your attempts to purify the land. With that in mind, you should focus on getting rid of the trees as soon as you could, as it should be smooth (or smoother) sailing once they’re gone.