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Where’s My Perry Tips & Cheats: 7 Killer Hints for Success and Guide to Achievements

Disney’s Where’s My Perry is a game that comes to you from the same company that gave us Where’s My Water not too long ago. This is a physics-based puzzler where you play as Agent P, and have to get him to headquarters or mission briefing by moving water to “power his secret transportation tubes.” You can also transform water into other forms, such as ice, steam, and solids so you can solve the physics-based puzzles. As you can see, the mechanics are quite similar to Where’s My Water.

Where’s My Perry has a free or “lite” version that allows you to play over 15 puzzles featuring Agent P, while the paid version allows you to play over 200 of these, featuring Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Animal Agents, and more. So regardless of whether you’re okay with the free version or want to pay for the full version, here’s our list of Where’s My Perry tips and tricks, that will help you figure things out if you’re new, or move further forward if you’ve completed more than a few levels.

1. It’s About Delivering Water

Completing each stage in Where’s My Perry is, as we said, similar to the mechanics of Where’s My Water. You need to deliver the water to the drainage pipe located above Agent P (Perry), and in order to do that, you’ll have to solve some physics puzzles. Once you’ve got about 20 droplets in the drainage pipe, Agent P then moves on to the next stage.

You may also have to dig some dirt with your finger, and create tunnels so that the water can pass through. Water always flows where gravity tells it to flow, and if there’s a bit of force pushing it towards a certain direction.

2. About The Collectibles

Each level has three collectible gnomes, though you don’t necessarily have to gather all of them. Fill up the gnomes with a bit of water, and you’ll be able to get them as you progress through the level, right after you’ve beaten the level, or at a later time after completing the level. And while some say that these gnomes are optional, you’ll need to gather some of them, at least; a certain number of collectible gnomes are needed to unlock new worlds in the game.

3. What Do Those ‘Inators’ Do?

The game’s description had mentioned “crazy-inators” in brief, so you may be wondering what they can do, assuming you haven’t played this title yet. For starters, the Coolinators are blue laser beams that convert water into ice and steam into water. It can also turn sludge into cold water if it makes contact with it. Heatinators do the opposite; these are orange beams that turn water into steam and sludge into lava. Both these beams cut out once they make contact with liquid, and have buttons you can press to switch them on and off. Reflectinators, a.k.a. mirrors, reflect laser beams and allow them to bounce on corners.

4. Level-Ending Substances In Depth

You know what water is and you know that that’s what you need to deliver to Agent P. You also know that you’ve got to dig that dirt with your finger. As for the other substances, sludge is actually colored purple in this game, and if any of it gets into your hydro-generator, that fails the level for you. It also destroys gnomes when it comes in contact with them. Lava is colored orange and it also kills gnomes and fails the level if it seeps into the main pipe. Also watch out for the cold water, which is colored blue like regular water, but turns it into ice if they both make contact with each other. It can also turn steam into water, but explode if it interacts with lava. And like the other two substances, it can end your level if it makes it to the generator and also kill gnomes.

5. Dealing With Steam Pipes And Floor Grates

You’ll also encounter steam pipes and floor grates in Where’s My Perry. If a steam pipe is connected to Agent P’s tube, that means you need to deliver steam through there, and not water. And while we’re still on the topic of steam, you can use it to collect those floating steam gnomes.

As for floor grates, water passes through them, but not sludge; make sure any sludge is removed to allow water to flow freely.

6. How To Unlock Bonus Levels

Files are also among the collectibles you can pick up in the game, and if you find a complete set of three files, that means you’ve unlocked a bonus level. These secret levels can be found in the Collection screen.

Each of the stages involves a balloon that moves upwards to a vacuum pipe located on top of the level. Your job is to dig paths and create ice barriers to keep the balloon safe, or use water to move it around.

7. A Guide To Achievements

You’ll also want to keep those achievements in mind if you’re looking to build up your reputation on the Game Center or Google Play. What are these achievements and how can you get them? We’ve got a list right here for Game Center, so check it out if you want to know what to do to bag those achievements.

An Agent I Can Trust, A Thousand Times Over, The Puppetmaster, The Fall of Major Monogram, A Platypus Never Forgets

20 Game Center Points for finishing all levels in any given world.

Tri-Gnome Mission 1, Tri-Gnome Mission 2, Tri-Gnome Mission 3, Tri-Gnome Mission 4, Tri-Gnome Mission 5

Each time you collect all three gnomes in all the levels and complete these levels too, you earn 50 Game Center Points.

Secret Agent, Top Secret Agent, Super Secret Agent

10 Game Center Points for one secret file, 20 for ten files, and 50 for finding all 24 of them.

Friend of Balloony, Best Balloony Buddy

10 Game Center Points for unlocking a bonus level by completing all three secret files, plus another 10 for completing all the bonus levels as well.

Efficient Cut

Cut the dirt with two fingers at the same time and earn 10 Game Center Points.


Complete Levels 1 to 10 with just one cut.


This is achieved by completing a level in at least seven tries.

Quick Finish

Complete Level 4-19 “Party Time” with at least 50 seconds time bonus.