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Pop the Lock Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

In recent days, we’ve covered quite a lot of games that are only available for iOS device owners, and less of those that have versions for both iOS and Android. And a lot of the games we’ve covered are in-depth RPGs, MOBAs, or adventure games that require a lot of time to master. If you’re a casual game fan, you’re in luck – we’re going to revisit Simple Machine’s Pop the Lock, which is available on both the Play Store and App Store, and offers a more bare-bones gaming experience if the recent games we’ve covered are a bit too intense for you. As a reminder, this game would have you tapping in sequence to pop the lock; this may sound easy, but it does get tricky. Furthermore, once you make a mistake, you’ll have no choice but to start from square one.

Yes, we’ve covered this game before and shared some pretty cool tips and tricks with you, but since we’re going back to it, let’s cut to the chase and give you some more useful Pop the Lock cheats, tips and hints to get a high score.

1. Don’t Focus Too Hard

While the usual tendency is to look at the dot that moves around the lock, you should actually be looking at the entire screen. Focusing on the dot will only be counter-productive; you can easily get dizzy and confused if you stare at it and follow it too much. Instead of doing this, see how the dot’s position relates to the line and to the lock in general. Take it easy – you don’t have to focus too hard!

2. It’s Just Like A Real-Life Lock

Just like real-life combination locks, the locks in Pop the Lock follow a similar pattern. You move clockwise for the first part of the code, counter-clockwise for the second, clockwise once again for the third. Keep this in mind and prepare to shift direction just as you’re about to line up the dot with the bar.

3. Dots Are Placed Randomly

Some first-time players try to memorize locations in Pop the Lock, but you really don’t have to. The yellow dot appears randomly after you’ve matched it with the red dot, so instead of racking your head remembering where the yellow dot appeared the last time, always remember that everything here is random.

4. Play Without Ads

Oftentimes, you’d be on a roll and matching the dot to the bar successfully time and time again within the same game. But instead of making a good match, you ended up clicking on an ad. To avoid this, you may want to make sure your thumb is far from the advertisement section at the bottom, or you may also play the game without ads on occasion.

5. Ignore The Time Pressure

Yes, we’re serious about this. Pop the Lock may be a time-intensive game, and that could lead to some big-time nerves or rash decisions. And while it may seem almost impossible not to think about the ticking time on the countdown, it’s best if you don’t. After all, this is a game best played on a relaxed set of nerves.