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Pop the Lock Tips & Cheats: 5 Tricks for Completing More Lock Combinations

Blue Monster’s Pop the Lock is one of those casual arcade-based titles that are “easy to learn but hard to master.” Like most other games of this type, you can find it on the Apple App Store, allowing gamers hours of addictive fun, regardless of what type of Apple mobile device they’re using. The developer describes this title as an “exciting arcade game about popping locks” where you have to tap the code in sequence to pop the lock; like in real life, you will have to start from the very beginning if you make a mistake. All the locks have their own unique combinations, and you have to pop the balls until you, as the game says, pop the lock.

Yes, it sounds like kid stuff – you’ve got to tap when you see the red bar reach the circle. And once the number in the center of the lock goes down to zero, you’ve succeeded in tapping the entire lock. But each level does get harder and harder, and that’s why you should check our Pop the Lock tips, tricks and cheats – so we can help you defeat the harder levels eventually.

1. Concentrate On The Game, And Nothing But The Game

Pop the Lock is a game that rewards good timing and quick reflexes, which means you don’t want any outside factors messing with your game. Concentration is extremely important in a game like this – focus on the circle lock and you’re one on the right track, as long as you don’t get thrown off.

2. Keep Your Focus Razor Sharp

The importance of maintaining your focus in Tap the Lock cannot be stressed enough. After hitting on one lock, the circle will go the opposite way, and the next circle you have to pop may be anywhere in there. That’s another reason why you have to focus, focus, focus – keep concentrating and be prepared to act quickly.

3. Tap In The Corners

It’s a common mistake – just because the game features a lock means you should tap on it, right? Wrong. Tapping the middle of the screen could block your line of sight and make it hard for you to see where the lock is stopping. Instead, tap in the corners, as the game registers taps made from anywhere on your phone’s display.

4. Look At The Entire Ring

Another common mistake new players make is focusing on the red bar on the ring, and only that red bar. Instinct will suggest that the cue to tap is when the red bar hits a lock. That’s not exactly the best way to go, as keeping your focus on the entire ring will allow you to see the locks faster than you normally would. This may not work for everyone, but you may certainly want to give it a try.

5. Don’t Give Up Easily

If a lock appears way faster than you expected, or if you find yourself getting frustrated with your rapidly decreasing scores, it’s not the end of the world. Remember that the locks/circles always appear at random, and that taking a rest is important from time to time; fatigue leads to poor games, and poor games lead to frustration.

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