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Zombie Road Racing Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Winning Races

Zombie Road Racing is an arcade racing game by TerranDroid, and just by the name of the company, you know this is one of those rare Android-only games. This is a physics-based racing game, and a “milestone” in the genre, according to TerranDroid, as you get to drive your vehicle through different environments, dealing with hordes of zombies. With the money you earn, you can upgrade your car or purchase a better set of wheels. Maintaining your balance is important, but it’s also key to take out zombies while trying to maneuver your car properly. You have seven vehicles to choose from, and a total of six environments.

How can you win races regardless of the car you’ve chosen, while destroying and pulverizing as many zombies as possible? We hope we can answer that question through our Zombie Road Racing tips and tricks. Read on and we’ll fill you in on them.

1. Earn More Coins In The Game, Here’s How

Perhaps the first thing you want to know is how you can get more coins. That’s going to make life easier for you, for sure, so one thing we can advise you is to unlock the Highway Stage. This is the easiest stage of them all when it comes to “farming” for coins, or repeating levels to gain lots of resources. The Highway features the double gold power-up, so take full advantage of the low degree of difficulty and farm away! The Highway Stage requires 250,000 coins to unlock.

2. How To Deal With The Hills

Climbing hills is one of the more fundamental things you can do in Zombie Road Racing. And there are a couple things you can do to improve your success in the hill climbing department. First is the generous use of brakes – use it to prevent the chance of your vehicle flipping. You also need to accelerate only when your rear wheels are on the ground, and not in the air. Upgrading your engine does help, same with stopping your vehicle so that you can get rid of some zombies, thus clearing your path.

3. Do Tricks While In The Air To Earn Coins

It’s important that your ride is balanced while you’re airborne – tap on the left and right icons so you can balance your car and have a better chance of making a perfect landing. You can also do tricks while airborne – tapping and holding on the right icon allows you to do a backflip, while tapping and holding on the left has your vehicle doing a front flip. Either way, you get a lot of coins for staying in the air and doing these tricks, as well as pulling off perfect landings. Before pulling these stunts off, make sure your air time is adequate.

4. Go For The Balanced Vehicles

There are different types of vehicles available for you to use, but we would suggest the balanced vehicles for all stages except the Mines – this is a jack of all trades, master of none type of vehicle that doesn’t have any real weakness either. Heavy vehicles are sort of like your “tank” vehicles – they’re slow and ungainly, but they get a lot of fuel while on the ground. They’re best in the Mine Stage. Lastly, motorcycles work best in the Arctic and Gobi stages, or any time you need a small and light vehicle that can do some backflips or front flips.