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Nibblers Tips & Cheats: 10 Fantastic Hints to Get Three-Star Ratings

Angry Birds 2 may be a big hit like the first Angry Birds and all its related titles, but Rovio recognizes that not everyone is into physics-based puzzlers. There are some who prefer the simpler, less complicated joys of Match 3 gaming, and that’s why the Finnish developer has games just like Nibblers. This title was released for Android and iOS devices just last week, and the Nibblers, according to Rovio, are your “fishy friends who only want to eat yummy fruit.” That, in itself, is your clue that this is a Match 3 game (as you often are asked to match some sort of foodstuff, especially sweets), and Rovio says there are more than 200 levels of simple, casual fun. Gameplay is simple and straight to the point – match three fruits for a standard match, match four or more to “call in Coral, Octo, and the rest of the Nibblers” for some help clearing out the board.

Even if Match 3 gaming is so easy even a child can figure it out, we’ve come up with a cool list of Nibblers tips, cheats and tricks for new players who feel they may need an advantage.

1. Know Your Nibblers

Coral is the first Nibbler you can summon by matching more than three fruits – in her case, it’s exactly four. She can be played in one of four directions to clear an entire row or column. Bitelings can be summoned by matching five fruits in an “L” or “T” shape, and they also clear rows and columns in one of four directions. Octo arrives when you match five fruits in a row or column; he can destroy three rows or columns if you launch him. Bouncer would require multiple combos, but his effect is the most devastating, as he can clear almost the entire board.

2. Deal With Your Enemies Effectively

Like in many other Match 3 games, Rovio makes things challenging by adding some enemies. In reptile levels, static reptiles can be killed if you match any fruits next to them. Moving reptiles need two matches, and they have to be made on the animals’ heads. The snakes and turtles have to be killed by a Nibbler that has to be spawned. Lastly, mud reptiles will move elsewhere if you match pieces around them; this may need some practice and strategic thinking when it comes to taking them out.

3. Be Aware That Mud Reptiles Are Tricky

Those mud reptiles can be a testy bunch, as they move around when they sense you created a match. Unless you’re sure you can surround him with a Nibbler, don’t try taking these targets out. Instead, focus on clearing out the mud, as you simply wouldn’t be able to predict where the mud reptiles will spawn next. Wait for the right time – make sure you’re able to eliminate the reptile with a straight shot before firing at him.

There’s one simple exception to this rule, and that’s if you’ve got a Spitter. As Spitters throw you off by filling the board with goo, you have to take them out as quickly as possible.

4. Don’t Let The Obstacles Throw You Off

Each level has a different set of objectives, and obstacles can often distract you from your game and cramp your style. For example, focus on gathering berries if that’s what you have to do; don’t focus on the obstacles. Also, you have to launch your Nibblers strategically, doing so in such a way that brings you closer to completing the level.

You also have to clear the obstacles first if the level asks you to clear some mud (or lots of mud) and take out a reptile. Don’t focus on cleaning as you’ll likely be greeted by a reptile, thus making it pointless to clean around.

5. How To Add To Your Nibblers

Each time you lose a level, you’ll be given the option to watch a video. Watching these ad videos allows you to get a bonus Nibbler that you can use in the next round. Don’t worry about quitting prematurely and getting punished for it – you can still watch ad videos if you’re able to return to the level within the game. Now if you close a game and try replaying the level, you won’t get a chance to watch ad videos or earn your bonuses.

6. You Can Only Stun Reptiles For A Short Period Of Time

Those reptilian characters can be really tough customers. Not only do they have the potential of seriously ruining your focus or changing your plans, they also get right back up after they’ve been stunned. Keeping this in mind, the best thing to do is to try killing the reptiles in three moves or less.

7. Force Mud Reptiles To Move By Matching Next To Them

If you don’t see any viable openings when dealing with the mud reptile, try creating a match nearby. That might put the reptile in the direct point of view of a Nibbler, thus preventing you from using another move or two.

8. Rows And Columns May Change If You’re Dealing With Two Intersecting Nibblers

Sometimes, two Nibblers will be in each other’s paths. As such, the rows and columns may change depending on where the move is targeted.

9. You Can Undo Moves Until You’ve Launched Your Nibbler

As long as you’ve still got control over your Nibbler, you can change your mind and go for a different move. Dragging the Nibblers could allow you to buy some much-needed time, or allow you to think things over as you’re finding yourself lost on the level.

10. Practice Regularly

Finally, this is the last tip we have to offer you, and it’s also the simplest – you can’t expect success in the Match 3 gaming genre if you don’t practice your game and your strategy regularly. Just remember one thing – there’s no time limit, so you can practice all you want without having to feel too rushed.