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Angry Birds 2 Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Tips, Tricks & Hints You Should Know

Rovio’s Angry Birds 2 is finally out, and it’s the formal sequel to the original title that has since spawned a number of related follow-ups, including, but not limited to Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Stella POP, and Bad Piggies. And it’s been quite the hit on Android and iOS, as one might expect – it is, after all, the latest installment in what could be the most iconic mobile franchise of the moment. Once again, you’ll be solving physics-based puzzles, using different birds that have different abilities, and enjoying new features such as multi-stage levels and a new series of spells.

That’s pretty much all we can say to summarize the game, so we shall cut to the chase and give you our share of Angry Birds 2 cheats and strategy guide to help you survive your return to Piggy Island.

1. Be Familiar With The Basic Angry Birds

Even if you’ve played the first Angry Birds title and/or its many follow-ups, it would still be a very good idea to refresh your knowledge of the titular characters and what they can do.
Red, for starters, is the leader of the pack, the most familiar of the Angry Birds, but also the most basic in terms of capability. Blue can split into three smaller birds and make quick work of ice blocks. Chuck can speed up right before landing and cut through wooden obstacles. Matilda lays eggs while in the air and is best for destroying targets from above. You probably know these birds if you’ve played an Angry Birds title before. Now what about the others?

2. Know The Newer Birds Too

Of course, there’s more than just the classic four, and we shall now talk in brief about the other birds you can use to attack the piggy structures and the Piggies themselves. If you tap on Silver while she’s airborne, she can twirl and land on her target with a nosedive. You’ll want to activate this when she’s on top of a structure with pigs inside, and other birds may have a hard time reaching them. Bomb, when tapped as he flies, explodes the moment you do so. Last, but not the least, Terrance is a lot like Red in the sense that he doesn’t really have a special ability, but no one’s bigger than he is, and he could be useful in getting rid of those bad Piggies.

3. Take Advantage Of Spells

Spells are a brand-new feature in Angry Birds 2, and you can unlock new ones once you reach stages 11, 12, 20, 31, and 61. The Golden Duck spell allows golden ducks to fall from the sky and land on buildings and pigs. Frost is self-explanatory – it converts all blocks into ice. Hot Chili converts a random pig into a time bomb that you can use like one of your birds. Pig Inflator converts all pigs on a level into inflating balloons, which then burst once they become airborne. Lastly, the Mighty Eagle spell lets you hurl a can of sardines to bring in the Mighty Eagle, which could make quick work out of any given level. We suggest using spells only when you’re having a very hard time completing a level, as they can only be used on a limited basis.

4. Be Aware That The Game Has More Obstacles And Boss Fights

While still on the topic of new features, you can also encounter environmental obstacles or dangers in Angry Birds 2. These include flowers, that could suck up birds and pigs alike and regurgitate them. You can also take part in boss fights, where you’ll be up against much tougher enemies than usual; the best way to deal with bosses is to have structures land on top of them or to move them right off the stage, instantly taking them out in both cases.

5. Fill Up The Destructiometer

On the top right, you’ll find the Destructiometer, which is yet another new feature in Angry Birds 2. If you’re able to fill the meter up completely, you’ll win a free bird on the present stage. Filling up the Destructiometer can be done by causing as much destruction as possible when launching birds and scoring high enough on a level. You can also kill golden pigs to fill up the meter really, really quickly.

6. If You Fail A Level You Can Restart It, Here’s How

Now you’ll likely lose your share of stages in Angry Birds 2, and unlike in the first series of Angry Birds title, it’s not as simple anymore as redoing a level you’ve failed. Instead, you’ll need to take advantage of your only chance to watch an ad video, which will give you only one more bird to launch. You can also spend 60 gems to restart, and you can earn gems by playing in the game’s Arena mode or by completing Daily Quests. Gems can also be acquired by connecting your game to Facebook – that’s 70 gems for doing that. And if you can’t wait 30 minutes to get your five lives back, you can still use the time lapse cheat and set your time forward accordingly.

7. Login Regularly To Get The Daily Rewards

If you play the game every day, you can also earn gems by logging in every day. You can also get more gems and other rewards, including free gems, by completing the first chapter within 14 days of Angry Birds 2’s July 30 release date.

8. Understand How The Arena Mode Works

You’ll unlock Arena Mode once you complete stage 25, and this is an “endless” mode wherein your goal is to complete as many rooms as possible while using only one bird. You’ll have to fill in the top-right meter and score more points in order to get more birds. Free play is limited to once per day in the Arena, and you can get another chance to play by watching an ad video.
Think of Arena mode as a massively multiplayer mode where your goal is to score as high as possible as you take on new challenges, which change every day.