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Fruit Attacks Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Tips to Shoot Your Way to a High Score

Fruit Attacks is an iOS-only game by En Masse Entertainment that, we’d say, falls within the same gaming genre as Peggle Blast. That’s because you’ll be pulling off a lot of trick shots here, using the game’s “innovative multi-touch aiming system” as you fire away at invading fruit attackers. There are 90 stages in the game, with more to follow, and as you progress through the levels you can earn power-ups, rewards, and even “pet cats” as the game promises. You can also string together trick shots, creating combos that could give you a higher score.

Achieving a high score in this game can be a tough task if you’re starting out, or if you’ve been playing for a while but want to top your highest score or that of someone else. So with that in mind, here’s our share of Fruit Attacks cheats, tips and hints.

1. Use The Hook Shot To Your Advantage

Simply slide your thumb around to alter the placement of the curve points in order to pull off a hook shot in Fruit Attacks. That’s simple enough when it comes to lower-level enemies, but when dealing with GMO Applians and other tougher enemies, you can try moving your thumbs together in such a way that your hook shot goes straight up before doubling back on the way back down. That’ll allow you to hit Fruit Attackers both ways, making quicker work of sturdier enemies.

2. Make Good Use Of Vibro Skills

All of the heroes you control have vibro skills, which can be charged up as you progress in a level. Once those skills are charged up, shake your phone and unleash the skill on your enemies.
The type of vibro skill depends on the SATI, or the heroes under your control. For example, Freezey’s Blizzard skill can slow down enemies, while Woofy’s Sonic Sphere is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage to more than one enemy.

3. How To Get A Danger Bonus

When the game says “trick shots,” that also means doing dangerous things like killing enemies once they’re right next to the energy shield. That’ll earn you a Danger Bonus for practically cheating in-game death. So how do you get this bonus? What you can do is fire away when you see exclamation points on top of attackers’ heads. Don’t do it a split-second too late, as you don’t want your shields to take some damage.

4. Get Some Help From Mini-SATIs

If role-playing games have direwolves or other mythical animals to serve as your “pets,” Fruit Attacks has Mini-SATIs, which you can have fighting alongside you to deal out more damage and make your trick shots even trickier. These Mini-SATIs are grouped by element (fire, ice, electricity, fauna), each of which resulting in a different effect. An ice Mini-SATI, for example, can freeze enemies, while a fire Mini-SATI can burn your enemies even if you’re letting loose with a regular shot.

Need more Fruit Attacks tips and tricks? Check out our strategy guide, which explains you how to deal with your enemies effectively.