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Race the Sun Cheats: 4 Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a High Score

Race the Sun is a mobile game where you can race across a strange, alien landscape towards the setting sun while flying a solar-powered glider. In here, you have to balance flying fast and flying smoothly – the game warns that you may crash if you’re too “reckless,” and that you may be stranded if you fly too slow. It’s a score-based racing game for the iOS platform where your goal, quite simply, is to do as the title says – to keep up with the sun in a landscape that’s awash with multipliers and power-ups, but also fraught with dangerous obstacles.

That’s the game in a nutshell, but if you need help in quickly mastering this interesting new title, we’ve prepared a list of Race the Sun cheats, tips and tricks for you to check out.

1. Practice And You Will Get It Right Soon Enough

The controls of the game may be challenging at first, but isn’t that the case with just about every mobile title out there? Yes, you’re going to get killed quite often early on, but with each time you die, you learn not to make the same mistakes again…or at least not make them too often. But that’s why it’s so important to keep practicing, as with each time you play, you’ll unlock more abilities along the way. Just be warned that the obstacles in each race will become more challenging as you go further into a race.

2. The Levels Change Daily

This isn’t something everyone realizes right off the bat, but the levels in this game change every day. So if you’re having a rough go at things one day, you can return the next day, in hopes that that day’s level is easier than the previous one’s. The race will stay the same each day, which should be good in helping you figure out the layout.

3. Learn How To Tap The Right Way

Race the Sun is a very touch-sensitive game, and your craft will turn in a certain way depending on how you tap on your display in relation to your glider. If you tap close to the glider, you’ll make a soft and gentle turn. If you tap far away, you’ll make a sharp and quick turn.

4. How To Jump Properly

There are different schools of thought when it comes to jumping, but the best way to jump would be to have your glider go off a ramp. It’s not necessary to hover right above the ground in order to jump; you can execute this in midair and end up with a more impressive jump. So why should you make use of the jump power-up to begin with? First of all, it’s a great technique when avoiding obstacles, and secondly, it allows you to get a view of the obstacles so you’re prepared to make your next move.
There are other power-ups you can use in Race the Sun, but the jump power-up, we’d say, is the most useful of them all.