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Action Runner Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Help You Go the Distance

Action Runner is an iOS-only game created by Tim Bennett, and as you may have guessed, this title is an endless runner. Bennett describes his title as a real action running game with a variety of stages and quests, and you’ll have to reach your objective by performing “powerful attacks” – each character has their own special attacks, and you’ll have to unleash them and jump, aside from simply running. You can also compete in ranked matches if you feel like it. Overall, this game is more than your average casual endless runner, and with that in mind, we’ve come up with some useful Action Runner cheats, tips and hints that can help you get as far as you could in the game.

1. Keep On Attacking Those Monsters

Using the punch action in the game serves two purposes – it makes you move forward and it allows you to take out all enemies that you encounter. The drawback here is that it can do a number on your stamina, but if you’re able to kill a monster this way, you’ll get most of it right back. Also remember that killing monsters will earn you lots of points, which means the advantages of this tactic far outweigh the disadvantages.

2. Upgrade Your Character In The Meantime

There are multiple playable characters in Action Runner, and all of them (except your stock character) are unlockable via premium currency. Since it may take some time before that’s possible, you’ll have to focus on what you have and spend coins to upgrade your hero. It’s not the same as buying a new character with gems, but still enough consolation and reason for you to stick to your base hero as much as possible.

You can spend coins on improving his ability to punch or fly, or improving his overall stats. We suggest updating the stats and flying ability before anything else.

3. Almost Always Stay On The Ground

In Action Runner, it’s best to do as the title suggests you do, and run on the ground, instead of flying. This is the safest way to go, unless there are gems on the level that you need to capture from above; this will also allow you to see what’s ahead with you better.

4. Keep Your Stamina Recharged

In addition to remaining grounded for most of the level, you also want to recharge your stamina regularly. Without stamina, you won’t be able to go too far in this game, so make sure it’s charged regularly, again by staying on the ground most of the time. It’s also worth noting that flying costs you a lot of stamina, so that’s another reason to save flying for when it’s absolutely necessary.

5. Go For The Big Floating Coins

If you see big floating coins, by all means go ahead and grab them. These huge coins are worth a ton of smaller ones – be on the lookout for them, as you’ll often see them in between rows of coins.