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The Executive (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Running a Well-Oiled Company and Keeping it Werewolf-Free

The Executive is an iOS-only game that’s been out for a while, though we’ve got to say it is very interesting. In this Riverman Media title, your goals include flame-kicking werewolves, performing acrobatic stunts, and running a big-time mining company, often at the same time. This is a martial arts-based game where you play the role of a company CEO whose firm has been overrun by werewolves. As chief executive, your job is to save your employees – and the city as well – from the werewolves and their schemes. There are over 120 levels in this game, dozens of different skills, and more than 50 unique enemies.

With Halloween approaching, The Executive may be one of the many horror-themed or influenced games you’ve been playing, or thinking of playing. Now, if you want to get succeed fast in the game, we advise you to check out our list of The Executive tips, cheats and strategies after the jump.

1. Upgrade Your Mining First

It’s a common mistake for first-time players to focus right away on the skill upgrades. But you are, at the end of the day, the CEO of a mining company. Upgrade your mining before everything else and that’s going to help you earn cash faster, even when you’re away from the game.

As you keep upgrading mining, and even the skills, don’t panic if the changes aren’t apparent right away. Those improvements will add up over time, and you will, at some point in the game, be able to earn at least a dollar per second. And when we say at least, that is an understatement.

2. Overall, You Just Want To Upgrade

The cost of upgrading will go up over time, but it’s important that you try to upgrade as many things as possible in the grand scheme of it all. Even if you’re planning to save for something like, say, a big-time mining upgrade, it’s best to spend sooner than later. Smaller, less significant upgrades can help you in any case, and all those upgrades will help you earn money faster than you can spend it.

You can also sell upgrades for the same price you paid for it. This is very useful if you’re caught short of cash and need more money in a pinch. Unlike most other games, where you can only earn back half of what you paid or thereabouts, selling upgrades won’t leave you out a single cent.

3. Play The Game Regularly To Earn Money

Keep in mind that while you can earn money even if you’re not playing, you will stop earning if you haven’t played the game in three days. The operative word here is “played” – it’s not enough that you load up the game and quit it right away just because you’re swamped with work, for instance. You should actually do something in the game, such as buying an upgrade or playing a level. And if you do “nothing” over a three-day timeframe, that’s when you’ll stop earning until you play again.

4. Focus On Speed

Now, we’re finally going to get to the “fun” part, and by that we mean dealing with the werewolves. When upgrading your stats, it may sound like an obvious move to prioritize attack power, but you should actually focus on speed first. Speed allows you to avoid enemy attacks faster, which, in turn helps your defense by allowing you to parry moves quickly.

5. Practice Against Weaker Werewolves

As you progress further into the game, your enemies will become much, much tougher. But by practicing against lower-level werewolves, you can learn their tendencies on offense and defense, and also figure out how your skills and attacks work while doing all that. Get some practice against the weaker bad guys and you’ll be better prepared for when things start getting really hairy. Additionally, replaying levels doesn’t just help you practice; it also helps you earn more money, even if you’ve completed the level before.

6. Take Advantage Of Special Abilities And Attacks

The Executive has four special abilities – Heal, Pierce, Reflect, and Shield – that can be activated once your Special Meter has filled up completely. Use the right ability for a given situation, though make sure you try to learn all of them as they can be useful in their own specific way.

Special attacks, on the other hand, may not exactly be the difference between winning and losing, but you can use them as well to take care of the werewolves faster. The Flame Kick and Flame Sweep can set these beasts on fire and do more damage over time (on top of the initial damage) – we consider these two attacks to be more useful than the others.

7. Check The Bestiary And Skills Menu For More Information

This game has many kinds of enemies that you can encounter – as we said above, they number over 50, according to Riverman Media. If you’re not sure who’s who among the bad guys, go to the level select screen and tap the book icon to access the Bestiary. This is like an encyclopedia of enemies, as it will tell you all about the enemies you’ve encountered thus far, and the ones you’re soon to encounter.

The Skills menu is another great repository of information. It shows you just how to activate a certain skill, and even lets you practice them out so that you can get a hang of them.

8. Use Short, Quick Swipes

Playing fighting games usually rewards those long, powerful swipes, but in The Executive, shorter swipes will be fine. In fact, they arguably work better when it comes to activating your special attacks faster. They’re also more accurate than those longer, harder ones.

9. Fight Defensively

We understand that fighting defensively in any kind of fighting game is harder than taking an all-out offensive attack. It’s also less fun. But in The Executive, it’s more effective. Activate your Reflect ability and combine that with some well-timed blocking if you’re dealing with an enemy who’s giving you too much trouble. You can also combine Reflect with Shield for even more effective results; all your blocks will be counted as high and low, and as you block off more damage, you will naturally be reflecting more back against the werewolves.