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Where’s My Water 2 Cheats & Hints: 5 Amazing Tips to Solve Those Puzzles Quickly

Where’s My Water 2 is a physics-based puzzle game by Disney, and the sequel to the original and popular Where’s My Water. In the game, you’ll be joining alligators Swampy, Allie, and Cranky in this new iOS and Android game, which comes with three all-new locations (Sewer, Soap Factory, Beach), and more than 100 free levels. You can also play in Challenge Modes to add a new twist to already-played levels , and explore each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and special skills. Moreover, you can also earn specially-themed ducks (Gladiator, Astronaut, and more) by completing achievements.

In essence, that is what the game is about, but if you’re really looking to achieve a lot of success, even as a new player, that’s why we’re here with a collection of Where’s My Water 2 cheats, tips and hints.

1. Sometimes You Don’t Have To Transport All The Water Into The Alligator’s Pipe

There will be some stages where you won’t need to move all the water into your character’s pipe. All you need is the right amount of water to keep a gator happy; the rest of the water can be used to collect ducks.

2. Digging From The Bottom Pays Off Sometimes

In this puzzler, most players tend to start digging from the top and moving gradually on to the bottom. But some levels, such as Level 4: Floodgate, would require a totally different strategy – digging from the bottom and working your way upwards. The aforementioned level would require you to absolutely avoid the ducks, though there’s a simple trick you can pull off to do just that. First, dig a path on both left and right sides, going to the other transport gate; this would allow water to reach both sides. After that, dig two paths on top, one for the first transport gate and another for the water. If you get this down pat, you can have the water going to the pipe without coming in contact with the ducks.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Fill Your Energy Bar

The energy bar makes its debut in Where’s My Water 2, and if you do end up running out of energy, you’ll have two choices – pay to get it refilled, or simply wait it out so you don’t have to pay a cent. But there is a way you can get your energy back without having to wait too long – the time lapse cheat. Go to your phone’s settings to move the time forward by a couple hours, return to the game, and play with a full energy bar.

4. Get More Ducks The Fast Way, Here’s How

This is another easy trick you can do in Where’s My Water 2, and it will allow you to get more ducks, and get them faster. Create a bowl shape when digging in the dirt, then create a structure similar to a ramp. This would allow the water to go up into the opposite side of the pipe, getting you more ducks in the process. You can also grind previously-completed challenges to get more ducks.

5. Use Two Fingers When Digging Dirt

Where’s My Water 2 will sometimes challenge you to work fast so you can unlock everything. This would require some adept dirt-digging – try using more than one finger to swipe so you can dig more dirt simultaneously, hit more ducks, and allocate some water for Swampy.