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Dexter: Hidden Darkness Cheats & Strategy Guide – 6 Tips You Never Heard Before

Dexter: Hidden Darkness is an immersive new iOS game by Bloobuzz that’s based on the popular TV series. You’ll be playing as Dexter Morgan himself, the charismatic, charming serial killer who helps solve crimes based on his experience as a criminal himself. You’ll be following evidence these criminals leave, finding all sorts of hidden objects, and teaming up with some of the series’ memorable supporting characters. You can even challenge your friends to see who’s the best sleuth of them all. It’s a puzzle-based mobile game that can be a bit challenging if you’re just starting out, but with our collection of Dexter: Hidden Darkness cheats, tips and tricks, you can get a good jump on your detective work and solve more puzzles than you think you could.

1. Zoom In To Find The Deeper Details And More

In similar puzzle games where you have to find hidden objects, zooming in is a pretty common-sense tip when it comes to looking for clues. But there’s more to finding these details in Dexter: Hidden Darkness. If you’re zoomed in on an object, other findable objects in the area will be highlighted in bold, thus simplifying the process of finding otherwise hard-to-find items.

2. Choose Levels With Lower Point Requirements

The first thing you have to keep in mind when trying to earn stars is to see how many points are required for each game scene. Stars would be needed when trying to advance the game’s storyline by playing action scenes. The basic rule of thumb here is to check how many points you need to complete a level – go for the ones with lower point requirements.

3. Replay Scenes

If you’re moving from one scene to another, you should try your best to earn stars without having to expend all the energy you’ve got. And that would mean repeating a certain scene several times. This will make it easier for you to find objects and remember where they’re located, and if you find them quicker, you’ll get some generous bonuses as a reward.

4. Tap Randomly If You’re Not Sure What To Do

While most hidden object games are particularly strict in penalizing players who tap randomly and frantically on their display to find an object quicker, that’s not really the case in Dexter: Hidden Darkness. If you’ve got a time limit to deal with, use this technique – tap on multiple places on your display, but don’t be too frantic in your motions, lest you get penalized by the game.

5. Be Aware That Certain Objects Look The Same Regardless Of Location

When looking for hidden objects, you may be asked to find one item in one location, then find that same item elsewhere in another scene. If that happens, the objects will look identical to each other – no rocket science there.

6. Check Your Mail For Freebies

On occasion, you’ll win some free items and free in-game cash, and you’ll be notified of these freebies via the game’s mailbox. Be sure to regularly check your inbox, which you’ll find in the opening screen after opening the game. Many players tend to miss the mailbox, so look closely and always be on the lookout for free goodies!