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Billionaire Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock Asgard and Pandora

Android and iOS wealth building simulation game Billionaire is a title by Alegrium that has been out on the Play Store and App Store for quite some time already. And we’ve also given you our fair share of Billionaire tips and tricks to help you in different aspects of the game. Before we fill you in on what’s next, let’s remind you quickly of what you can do in this game. All you have to do is to choose a business and start earning money by clicking, clicking, clicking…and managing your business the right way when you aren’t clicking. You also have to deal with suspicious authorities once you suddenly become rich – can you lay low long enough to prevent these usurpers from taking you down?

Right now, this game has two secret locations that are covered by question marks in the early goings. These locations are Asgard and Pandora, and both will remain locked even once you discover what their names are. The following Billionaire tips, as you’ll see, tell you just what you should do to unlock these secret spots.

1. How To Unlock Pandora

It is easier to unlock Pandora than it is to unlock Asgard, but it may still take some time before you’re able to unlock it. You’ll have to buy all the single negative threat buildings in the in-game world, namely Noah’s Ark, Community Center, Botanical Garden, Charity Center, Search and Rescue, Wildlife Foundation, Public Library, Museum of Science, Recycling Megaplex, Blue Energy Tower, and Eden. And no, you don’t have to upgrade those buildings to Level 5 like what some have speculated.

2. Eden Is The Most Expensive Of Them All

Just as a warning, there is a reason why we named Eden last among the single negative threat buildings in the above tip. That’s because it is very, very expensive, and will have you paying to the tune of 1,500 crystals, crystals being the game’s premium currency. You’d be best advised to keep watching ad videos for free gems, and watch as many of them as possible. You also have to be logged in every day so you can collect those gems and add them to your stash.

3. How To Unlock Asgard

As for Asgard, you have to get the four highest-tier buildings in the game, and after that, upgrade them till they reach Level 10. These buildings are Avalon, El Dorado, Mountain of the Eye, and Underwater City.

4. About The Imperial Star Rumor

Some have claimed that you also need Area 48, the Dinobot Museum, and the Imperial Star in order to unlock Asgard. Fortunately, that isn’t true, though it’s still a good thing to have those buildings, so that they can earn you more money if you’ve got them, and enough money for you to actually purchase them. Bear in mind that you also need to have all the negative threat buildings in order to make the most out of these buildings, and that you should sell any building that may jeopardize your threat level.

Ben Zyp

Sunday 9th of January 2022

In my game Eden hasn't pope's up what do I do


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

you need to upgrade imperial star to lvl 10 as well


Wednesday 29th of March 2017

same not working for me


Monday 2nd of January 2017

Same here still did not unlock asgard


Friday 16th of December 2016

Same here need something else to unlock Asgard