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Billionaire Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become Super Rich

If you’re a fan of games like AdVenture Capitalist, you’ll probably like Alegrium’s title Billionaire. All you need to do in this game is to pick a business and watch the money roll in. You can earn more money based on how you manage your business, and you can also compete against friends and “your favorite fiction character” to be rich beyond your wildest dreams. There are also some challenges along the way, such as authorities that may get suspicious because of how quick you’re earning your money.

It’s going to be a fun rise to fame and fortune in this game, even if you may fall considerably short of doing the same in real life. And if you want to get rich faster than your friends or that “favorite fiction character” mentioned above, the following Billionaire tips, tricks and strategies are for you.

1. Don’t Just Tap, Mash!

We guess you can call it mashing if you tap frantically in the early parts of the game so you can expedite a new building’s development or upgrade the ones you currently have. The moment you see the timer, you can tap quickly to speed things up. There’s no specific amount of time you need to invest to do this early frantic tapping, but we’d suggest four to six minutes for the best results.

2. Threat And Max Hold Are Very Important Stats

Let’s face it – tapping like a madman could be very, very tiring. You probably won’t have to do this for long, particularly when you reach a point where buildings take a considerable amount of time to build or upgrade. What you can do instead is to choose buildings that hold a high amount of currency, so as to allow you more money stashed up when you re-open the game.

As for the Threat stat, this is the likelihood that the police will run after you and look into your rise to fortune. It’s best to keep threat percentage at less than 30 percent, with a lower threat stat, of course, being better. Buildings with negative threat are always nice to have, as they help reduce your overall threat rating.

3. Sell The Smaller Properties

If a building has a low max hold stat, then you probably shouldn’t hang on to it for a while. Instead, sell those low-reward, low-max hold buildings, especially when their Threat percentage is doing a number on the overall figure.

4. Spend Your Gems Wisely

Gems are the game’s premium currency, which you can earn at several points in the game. You can use them to expedite construction or upgrade times, or also to serve as a bribe for the cops if they go chase you.

5. Collect Everything Before Quitting The Game

Before you sign off for the day or stop playing for whatever reason, you’ll want to collect all the money you have and upgrade buildings, especially those that take a while to complete. Keep collecting and upgrading and you should be fine.

Do you need some more Billionaire tips and tricks to get rich quickly in the game? If so, you may want to check out our previous Billionaire guide and hints, which contains some additional tricks to succeed.