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Soda Dungeon Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Form the Best Team and Beat All Monsters

If you own an iOS device, then you might want to try Soda Dungeon, an exciting new RPG for the iPhone and iPad. According to game developer Armor Games, in the game you’ll be managing a team of adventurers and raiding the local dungeon for treasure. You’ll also get to upgrade your tavern, buy new sodas, and add new party members to your team. And as you go along, you’ll earn more gold, special items, and more. That’s as succinct as you can get, though we do sort of get why they’re keeping it short and sweet.

This game can be daunting for new players, and even experienced ones (if there’s such a thing at this point, as the game’s still new) may have some trouble at some points. That’s why we recommend checking our set of Soda Dungeon tips, tricks and strategies in a two-part series – we’re here to get you started, or help you move forward in this all-new iOS title.

1. Purchase Heroes First

Don’t make the same mistake of buying your upgrades first but not buying your heroes just yet; the chances of running out of money early on will be high if you do this. It’s as simple as buying and hiring your heroes first, and only purchasing upgrades when you’ve gotten settled in.

2. Don’t Overuse The Wizard

Although, the Wizard could help you save some valuable time in the game, using him too much will do a number on the money you earn. That means you’ll only want to use his warp skill when absolutely necessary, and you’ll also want to start at a low level in the dungeons if you want more earnings. The main thing here, really, is not to abuse the Wizard, so to say – the warp skill is best used only when you really need to.

3. Invest In VIP Items

While VIP items carry a premium price tag as their name suggests, they happen to be very useful and worth the extra expense. First off, you’ll want to focus your purchases on the sodas and decorations, but you’ll then want to move on to the VIP items. Buying them will give your stats a nice boost and help you kick more butt when time comes for you to do some dungeon-crawling.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

We’re referring to the multiple-choice parts of the game that follow the boss fights, which may possibly lead to some unpleasant consequences. But they may also earn you a truckload of coins and rare items, so if you’ve got to make a choice, then we say go ahead and take a chance. You just might hit the jackpot, which will make all the negative outcomes worth it in the end.

5. Don’t Enter The Arena Unless You’ve Got A Solid Team

Soda Dungeon has an arena mode that could earn you some impressive and rare loot, but you shouldn’t enter it unless you’ve got a very good team of fighters to recruit. All you need is three fighters, but it’s still important to save the arena for a time when your lineup is solid; otherwise, you’ll lose more often than you win.

6. Get The Best Possible Team

Surprisingly, it can be quite easy and simple to come up with a formidable team of heroes in Soda Dungeon. Choose the best available heroes on your team, and refresh the heroes by using the bed. That allows you to select the cream of the crop, and rise to the top when you send them off to fight in the dungeons.

7. Take Advantage Of Healers / Healing Potions

Just like it is in other role-playing games, it’s essential for you to make sure your characters get to heal up. When assembling a party, you want at least one healer out there, and to outfit that healer with the best available equipment you have at your disposal. It’s also recommended that you bring the healing potions for additional health points in a pinch when you go off to the dungeons. Use those potions at the right time and you just might be able to last longer in battle, and dispose of the enemies when otherwise difficult to do.

8. Don’t Rely On Auto-Equip Too Much

Soda Dungeon has an auto-equip feature that allows you to equip your heroes fast and easy; most of the time, it works well and properly equips your heroes. But you may also want to check the options auto-equip had chosen for you, and look at the equipment before accepting the choice. There are times when the ostensibly most useful equipment isn’t the most powerful out there. That makes it highly recommended to check the stats and see how well they’ll do if used in an actual battle.

Going back to all things VIP, you can automate things by choosing the option where you can choose equipment sets based on your heroes’ class. That allows them to more reliably wear/use the equipment you want them to wear/use, but you should still double-check due to the possibility of new items appearing.

9. Check Your Heroes’ Stats

You should be well-versed with your hero and everything about them, particularly the damage they can inflict and how they can help your team the most. This probably goes without saying, but it’s all part of having a sound battle strategy in Soda Dungeon.

10. How To Survive In The Dungeons

When choosing items to bring with you inside a dungeon, you can take the stone that will display your opponents’ health; remember the information returned to you and use those health meters to decide which enemies you should be attacking. And that’s not the only smart strategy you’ll want to employ when in the dungeons. Make your attacks count by trying to kill as many enemies as possible with the minimum number of attacks. Those who burn you or poison you should be focused on first.

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