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Kill Me Again: Infectors Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive the Mutant Outbreak

Kill Me Again: Infectors is a new Android / iOS game that’s set in a bleak future where mercenaries, or mercs, are the only people mad enough to survive. And instead of a zombie outbreak, given that zombie-themed games are very popular these days, it’s a mutant outbreak you’ll be facing in this in-game future, as you try to get to the bottom of the outbreak and fight for your life while escaping through city streets. You can get new weapons, upgrade your survival gear, and team up with allies as you kill the mutants before they kill you first. Your goal is to eventually train your merc into the “ideal black op contract killer” through the course of the game.

While there are a lot of similarities in this game to your typical zombie outbreak-based game, Kill Me Again: Infectors is ultimately different in more ways than one. And that’s why we feel the need to bring you a couple of Kill Me Again: Infectors tips, cheats and strategies that could help you survive this new breed of walking dead – mutants.

1. Rescue Survivors From The Mutants

The mutants in this game aren’t the good-guy mutants you may know from the X-Men franchise; these are former upstanding citizens turned into “bloated, bloodied bags of carrion.” Okay, so maybe they’ve got more similarities to zombies than we first gave them credit for, and maybe calling them “zombies” wouldn’t be a bad idea. Still, for the purposes of the game, we shall refer to the bad guys as “mutants” going forward.

Still, the bottom line is the same – you’ve got to save Survivors from the mutants, and that’s going to give you Gold Bars and Rank Points. And if you save enough Survivors, you can get yourself additional Upgrade Kits for your weapons.

2. Play Two Daily Challenge Modes

Completing a challenge would reward you with additional Gold Bars at the end of the week, and the amount of bars you can receive would all depend on how you rank. And if you play two Challenge Modes per day, you’ll get a daily achievement for five Pills. The points you earn in this mode can allow you to buy some fantastic new equipment from Districts 6 and 7, so make sure you’re playing the mode twice a day, and not once.

3. Collect Rank Points And Rank Up

You can increase your Rank in Kill Me Again each week by collecting as many Rank Points as you could. Once a week is completed, you’ll get some more Gold Bars for this achievement. You can also find and buy more items at the Rank Shop once you increase your Rank Level.

4. Collect The Set Items

As we’ve said several times before, passive skills are arguably more important than the active ones. In this game, Set Items are what provide these passive bonuses, with the bonuses increasing per item you collect in a set. You’ll have more than a few sets to collect, as each District has six specific Set Items you can gather.

5. Don’t Just Level Up One Character

Instead, try leveling up three characters simultaneously. Doing that will allow you to save much more money on equipment. Characters can share any type of equipment with each other, which means that if you get better equipment, you can pass it from one character to another. This tip also gives you an advantage when joining Guilds with other human players.

6. Join A Guild

Speaking of guilds, you definitely want to join one as soon as possible. The benefits of joining a guild include more Upgrade Kits per week, with the number of kits increasing as your Guild ranking goes higher.

7. Be Aware Of The District Where You Found The Equipment

There’s a chance that you may not be equipped with the right item once you’ve been able to secure some improved, upgraded equipment. To avoid this happening, you’ll want to take note of the District where you had found the equipment in the first place.

Equipment follows a ranking in the game – C < B < A < Set < S – but these items are typically better if they’re found at a higher District number. Always take a look at the base stats before proceeding any further.

8. How Many Mercs Should You Hire In A Day?

The answer to this question is found in the number of the tip – eight would be the most ideal number, according to most Kill Me Again strategy guides we’ve seen. By hiring Mercs, you get 50 percent more EXP and Rank Points, and you also get a chance to bring a high-level Merc to fight alongside you against the mutants. These Mercs also have special abilities that might come in handy when the mutants get to be too much trouble for you.

9. Unlock The Hidden Boss, Here’s How

It’s going to be a tough grind, and we do mean grind, as you’ll need to complete Hard Mode, and do it as fast as you can while repeating levels you may have already completed. Basically, what you have to do is to complete Hard Mode, then unlock the Hidden Boss, who’s got his hands on most of the Set Items per District. But what should you do once you’re finally face-to-face with the boss? We’ll tell you on our tenth and final tip.

10. Take Advantage Of Combos

Again, it’s an issue of semantics here. Kill Me Again calls zombies “mutants,” and likewise, it refers to what most games call combos as “chains.” Whatever you want to call them, Chain Skills are very useful, and especially when it comes to defeating each District’s boss characters. Use those Chain Skills to take out mutants on your way to the boss, and use them to do the bulk of your damage against the bosses – these skills are far more powerful than regular moves, so use them at will and master them all.